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Healthy ways for females to gain weight at home naturally | by Ritika Dabas | Nov, 2021

Ritika Dabas
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Overall in India 13.6% of the women are overweight where as 20.1% of the women are underweight, still being underweight is not likely considered as a health hazard by many people as obesity is.

Now, what exactly does being underweight means?

Women having BMI (Body mass index) under 18.5 are considered underweight.

Calculate Your BMI — Standard BMI Calculator(you can use this calculator to check your BMI)

To some people it seems near to impossible to gain weight naturally without joining gyms and having someone to guide them at every step.

But it is in fact possible with some efforts that you can do it by yourself, being even at home. Here are some points that will help you to start on your journey of gaining weight:

Where eating more food does help you to gain weight, consuming the correct type of food products that will help you to gain weight while staying healthy is equally important.

Here are a list of food items that you can add in your diet to gain weight:

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Milk is a great source of calories, protein and beneficial nutrients .

You can make shakes and smoothies with milk and add it in your diet in many different ways

Milk and banana goes hand in hand for weight gain, try making a blend of milk, banana, nuts and honey to make it interesting.

Although lactose intolerant people should not consume milk for them is the next item on the list-

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Eggs have proven to be greatly efficient for gaining weight and building muscles as they are packed with high-quality proteins and healthy fats.

Egg whites have low calorie contents and are also low in fat and cholesterol, on the other hand egg yolk contains the heart-healthy fats that promotes weight gain. 2–3 eggs per day might help you to bulk up easily.

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3.Coffee with cream

If you are a person who like to start their mornings with a cup of coffee it might be a great way for you to gain some weight with it. Although coffee is generally used as a drink to loose weight as a simple cup of black coffee usually amounts to less than five calories but by pairing your coffee with some some cream and sugar will give you some extra calories that are much needed.

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A cup of rice contains about 200 calories, one can easily add it with their meals containing dal rich in protein and other vegetables. Rice is also rich in carbohydrates and therefore proves to be a great source for gaining weight.

Brown rice is preferred over white rice by many people as it is more nutritious and a rather healthy option.

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5.Fish and meats

Fish contains Omega-3 which is known for reducing inflammation and stress levels in our body and on top of it, it can also contribute to weight gain. Seafoods, like Salmon are rich in omega fatty acids, six ounces of salmon contains about 240 calories.

When we talk about meat, red meat is seen as the best option.

Non vegetarians can easily add fishes and meats in their diet to gain some extra pounds.

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Calcium is full of protein, sodium, calcium and calories.

It is easy to incorporate in many dishes and is a healthy and tasty way of gaining weight. Full-fat cheese is the best type of cheese to increase the intake of calories.

Taking a calorie surplus diet is the best way to gain weight. While eating in large amounts, eating smart and counting your calories can help you reach to your goal faster.

If you are wondering what exactly does ting a calorie surplus diet mean?

Here it goes, a calorie surplus diet means eating more calories than you burn depending upon your day’s work.

Now, where would you start with increasing your calories?

To get used to with something new you need to take small steps, you cannot start expanding all of your meals in just one day, this can be overwhelming and you might just give up in a few days.

Instead, you should first start off by increasing the number of calories in your diet by 10% and then keep increasing it more every week. Start by increasing the amount of one meal per day.

What you have to do is calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure(TDEE) once you will get to know your maintenance calories according to your body type and activities, you will have to analyze your current diet plan and find out how many calories you are consuming in your diet, and start increasing by 200–300 calories in the first week and then keep increasing until you reach your goal. If u want to gain weight you will have to start consuming more calories than your maintenance calories.

TDEE Calculator: Learn Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure

(Calculate your calories from here)

With maintaining your calorie intake you need to maintain a balanced diet with other components such as: carbs, fats and proteins to gain weight in a healthy manner.

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Doing regular exercise is really important to stay healthy and as well as to gain weight. Especially strength training can give you your desired body shape by gaining muscles, the lean muscle mass that you will add by weight lifting or exercising will help you to gain weight

Some people struggle with the problem of feeling full after eating a little, to overcome this you can try taking 5 or 6 smaller meals instead of 3 larger meals. This will help you to trick your mind into fishing your complete meal in one sitting, you can also try taking a bigger plate to create the illusion that you are gonna have to eat less food when in real you will be consuming the same amount.

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Drinking water or a bowl of salad just before eating can lesser your appetite as it will make you full- try taking calorie, fat and protein containing foods first so that you don’t miss out on them.

You cannot expect to gain weight simply in a few weeks by following these things, when you are underweight and are willing to put on some healthy weight than it will take time for your efforts to give results and for that you will have to stay consistent. It might take two to three months for you to see changes but it will all be worth the wait in the end.

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