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Heart Disease. Let’s talk about your “ticker”. Every… | by New Life Health Center | Oct, 2021

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Let’s talk about your “ticker”. Every year, a staggering 1.6 million Americans have heart attacks and over 30% of them die. The term heart disease refers to several different types of heart conditions. The most common type of heart disease in the United States is coronary artery disease (CAD), which affects the blood flow to the heart. Decreased blood flow can cause a heart attack. No one knows exactly why some people develop heart disease and others don’t, but a number of significant clues and risk factors have been identified.

One risk factor is high levels of blood fat or cholesterol. This is a waxy plaque like substance that builds up on the walls of your blood vessels due to poor diet. This blocks the flow of blood to and from your heart. This not only narrows the blood vessels but it makes it easier for blood clots to form. When a clot grows, or detaches from its place of origin it travels through the blood vessels and may block an artery completely, resulting in a heart attack.

Another risk factor that has received a great deal of attention is homocysteine and methionine. These are amino acids that are formed as a result of the metabolism that must be in balance and when they are not it can be toxic to the vascular system.

Another possible risk factor in heart disease is insufficient supply of antioxidants. You may have heard of this but it is not widely understood. Antioxidants come from eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants render free radicals that come from pollution and toxicity, harmless and help the body dispose of these elements that may cause cellular damage.

There are many other risk factors to heart disease like smoking, high blood pressure, family history and even certain types of bacteria that may cause inflammation in the blood vessels, but probably the most overlooked and most important risk factor is….Wait for it…SELF HAPPINESS!

“Whaaaat? Wait, doc…Are you telling me that I need to love myself more?”

Yes. There have been several breakthrough studies on how a person’s mental and emotional systems can have a profound effect on the function of the heart. Did you know that 75% of all heart attacks occur on Monday morning on the way to a job? That says a lot about the need to find fulfillment in ones work. Ever have a “broken heart?” I have. It’s not a coincidence that the term became so widely used. The importance of forgiveness of the wrong doing of others and especially of yourself cannot be overstated in keeping a health functioning heart.

Diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and whole food supplementation are all very important in recovering from and even preventing heart disease. Cardio-Plus from Standard Process, supports the healthy function of the heart muscles and coronary blood flow as well as provide antioxidants that relieve the inflammation and provides better oxygen flow during exercise.

Remember, your body was designed to heal itself and the “cure “comes from within. Take proper care of this inner healing force and “Find Your Happy Place”.

Have a great day!

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