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Heart health: preventing blockages and excessive cholesterol | by Dileep Kumar | Dec, 2023

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Poor diets and cardiac disease

The excitement of the holidays makes it easy to indulge in snacks and substantial meals. Celebrations are a time of joy and togetherness, but remember the most precious present you can give yourself this season: a healthy heart! It promises a long life and the capacity to savor every moment with loved ones, so you can be with them for every embrace, dance, and festival.

Your heart’s health is crucial, especially around the holidays, as 6 in 10 Indians have high LDL-C. Blockages caused by high LDL-C, or “bad” cholesterol, increase heart disease risk. As a “silent killer,” cholesterol does not display symptoms like other cardiac ailments. Along with enjoying the festivities, we must be mindful of our diets. Saturated and trans fats in many Christmas favorites can raise cholesterol and increase heart disease risk. Maintain heart health by caring for your most critical organ and scheduling routine screenings and cardiologist visits.

The expert says…

Dr. Ashwani Mehta, Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi, stresses the significance of regular checkups and medical advice, especially during and after the holidays. Dr. Ashwani added, “I have seen many patients with elevated cholesterol levels, especially during or after festive seasons. Festivities might make it easy to neglect high LDL-C cholesterol. However, this is when you must focus most. Managing cholesterol requires following medical recommendations and staying informed about your health.

This holiday season, plan and manage your cholesterol.

Track and balance your diet.

Monitoring your nutrition and following a balanced meal plan is especially important over the holidays. Rich foods like chole bhature and spicy curries are tempting, but they might harm your heart. Diabetes and cholesterol are more likely to develop or worsen. Thus, monitoring your diet helps you make heart-healthy choices.

Prefer sleep to stress

Indians enjoy festivals and demand the greatest event arrangements. Despite all the jogging, adequate sleep is crucial. Stress puts a lot of…

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