Hello Darkness, My Old Friend. My eyes open. And I am awakened. | by Findyourfork | Nov, 2021


The time is 4 o’clock as I stare into the darkness. The wind brushes up against the glass and signals my time to wake.

I reach and take a step into the darkness below me and a gasp escapes as I am instantly greeted with the cold shock of the night.

My eyes open. And I am awakened.

My eyes open. And I am awakened.

Ever since I could remember, the operating room served as solid reminder of a future that is to come: a destination and glimmer of hope. This time, as I walked through the solid oak doors and listened to the familiar hiss of the room welcoming my presence, I felt anticipation. And I wanted more.

I blink and the room roars bright with blazing LED lights casting shadows on me as I look to the middle of the room. There is was: my future, my purpose, and my hope.

I turn the the machine and comes to life. It senses my eagerness and it humbly obeys. The bellows move to my command as I force oxygen through the system. The machine sings in its obedience. I smile.

I turn and whisper to the air around me, “let’s begin.”

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