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Natura Vitalis Industries is a well-established group engaged in manufacturing, exporters and suppliers of Oleoresins, Aromatherapy Oils, Natural Essential Oils, Herbal Extracts, Spice Oils, Phytochemicals, Co2 Extracts and Nicotine Compounds etc. on a large scale across the globe.

Natura Vitalis is one of the best herbal extracts company that is the top herbal extracts exporter, manufacturer & supplier in India with a team of experienced & well-qualified researchers and scientists.

Standardized herbal extracts are supplements that provide a specific concentration of one or more chemical compounds. We use a manufacturing process that involves pressure, heat and various solvents — like water or alcohol — to extract the targeted compound from the whole herb. The herbal extracts are then blended with different types of excipients (aka fillers and binders) to hold everything together in a capsule or tablet.

As a result, the final supplement includes an exact amount of the chemical compound derived from the herb. This process also ensures that the same amount of the compound is included in every batch of the same herbal extract. In other words, it standardizes the concentrations from batch-to-batch.

We provide all the leading herbals manufacture and exporters including trees and weeds roots, exotic plants, seeds and many more products. If You Are Looking For Any Of Our Product Online, Please Click and Send the Enquiry.

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