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Here’s What Happens To Your Skin When You Use Benzoyl Peroxide For Years

The effect of benzoyl peroxide doesn’t kick in until after about eight weeks of use, per Very Well Health. So, if you made it up to that point, it means your skin did a good job dealing with the side effects, which will likely convince you to never stop using the treatment, because, let’s face it, why should anyone even consider stopping the use of this impressive treatment after seeing its remarkable benefits on their skin?

That’s a fair point, alright, but prolonged use can cause your skin to become totally dependent on the treatment to fight acne, per Patient. In essence, this means that you can expect your acne and breakouts to pop right back out whenever you decide to stop the treatment. Looks like it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the trouble of constantly applying benzoyl peroxide to save you the stress of worrying about breakouts now and again.

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