HIV Specialist in Delhi Consult for PEP Treatment | by Dr Raina Clinic | Aug, 2021

Dr Raina Clinic

Dr. Vinod Raina is an HIV Specialist in Delhi, running his own multispecialty polyclinic SAFE HANDS. He’s practicing from past 21 years, saved thousands of people from deadly HIV by PEP treatment and is a known face in the category of HIV doctors in Delhi. His center SAFE HANDS is a complete home for HIV diagnosis, treatment, follow-ups and PEP treatment.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) has become a global health emergency at present. The entry of this deadly virus into the circulatory system and serum attacks the T lymphocytes and decreases the immune cells count mainly, CD4+ count, resulting in the collapse of immune system, leading to a life vulnerable to various opportunistic infections. HIV affects anyone irrespective of gender, age, region, culture, and nationality. If a person is HIV positive, then the person remains HIV positive for life. The course of medications continues for life. Improvement in lifestyle, modifications in diet, physical exercise and mental peace all play important role in maintaining immunity required to survive. In other case, if a person gets exposed to HIV infection and within 72 hours treatment is started, this treatment is called as PEP treatment (post exposure prophylaxis).The treatment lasts 28 to 30 days in this case. This treatment strategy is advised within 72 hours of HIV exposure, which is referred to as the window period. After completing the PEP course for 28–30 days, laboratory tests indicate negative findings, indicating that one can avoid becoming HIV positive.

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