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Home Kitchen Garden:. One of the disastrous side effects of… | by Laiba Akhtar | Nov, 2021

Laiba Akhtar

One of the disastrous side effects of Covid 19 is unemployment, and the waves of inflation which keep on coming with short intervals. In this situation, vegetables and fruits are becoming out of range. Also, during the flood period or in any unexpected disaster, vegetables and fruits become unavailable in the markets or most of them are available in rotten condition and also become expensive. In such conditions, what should we do? How should we get the desired vegetables and fruits without any effort? How should we get organic and healthy food for our children and elders? If these questions are pressing you then don’t worry, there is a solution to this problem! And the solution is, “Home Kitchen Garden”.

You can always make a home kitchen garden at your home without much effort. The only thing you have to do is to take some soil and some seeds, sow them and have to water them regularly; within a few weeks you will start getting unlimited and organic vegetables and fruits free of cost. Such vegetables and fruits are more healthy as compared to those we buy from stores, they are more organic and will be fresh so it will boost our immunity. In developed countries, home kitchen gardens are getting common but in developing countries, they are rare. People have less knowledge of this garden, so this article aims not just to tell the importance of a home garden but also to tell some tips regarding it.

  • The best time to sow the seeds is early spring. You can sow the seeds at other times too, but the ideal time is early spring time. In the spring, vegetables and fruits will get ideal sunlight and wind to prosper.
  • Plan your garden according to your space and stamina. Gardens too need maintenance, experience, seeds and raised beds or any place to be sown. So, plant only those vegetables and fruits which are expensive or used excessively at your home. Choose wisely and according to your space.
  • Choose that space where plants can get sunlight, breeze and rain. Rooftops, terrace, verandas or any indoor sunny window sill can be the best place for planting the vegetables and fruits.
  • You can buy the seeds of vegetables and fruits, or you can also use the leftovers or seeds of vegetables and fruits to regrow it. Leafy vegetables that grow in heads, Bulb and Bulb-like veggies, Root crop and Root like veggies can grow from the leftovers. For example, you can use the inedible part (carrot top) to regrow carrots. You can use ginger root to regrow ginger. In fact, this tropical plant can survive indoors for years. Plant’s base can be used to regrow it. You have to put the scraps of some vegetables first into a container, half filled with water, and when they start showing roots, transfer them to the container. Sweet potatoes can be regrown by the use of potato eyes. Seeds of fruits can also be used to regrow fruit. Before planting any vegetable or plant, do your research thoroughly on it.
  • If you don’t have flower beds or any place for planting in your house, you can use containers, tubs and pots for planting. Fill it with soil and sow the seed in it. Fancy and beautiful pots and containers will act as a decoration piece for your house, and will enhance its beauty. Lemon, tomatoes, carrots, leafy vegetables etc can grow in the containers and pots. But if you don’t want to spend on pots and containers, you can use extra tubs or any useless deep crockery for this purpose. Infact pots, containers etc will take less effort as compared to flower beds. In a proper garden, you have to do gardening and have to maintain it, but this scene will not be in pots.
  • Excessive sunlight and water can be harmful for plants. So, be cautious about the quantity. And again, do your research before planting any vegetable and fruit. When you go to buy the seed, take full information from the seller. Or, you can also read instructions on the seed packet and can ask google about the specific vegetable.
  • Birds can eat your seeds and plants, causing damage. So, if the pot or container is placed in the place where birds can reach it, cover the plant area with plastic sheath or any type of sheath.
  • If you have a place, plant flowers in your house. Their fragrance and beauty will uplift your mood and make your house or garden more beautiful. Plants and flowers help in decreasing global warming and maintain the temperature of the area. So, by planting them, you are playing a role in saving the world.

Within the three four months of your plantation, you will be experienced in this field. This home garden can turn into a small business if you wish it to be. It will not only give you health and organic food, but it will also give you money. It will not only decrease the pressure on your pocket or purse, but it can also add money into it. Our economy does need such home gardens because of different floods, inflation and other issues.

Step forward and save your health, money, environment and economy.

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