Homoeopathy is the Best and Homoeopathic Medicines are Effective | by Dr. Parul Solanki | Sep, 2021

Dr. Parul Solanki
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Homoeopathy has many advantages because of holistic treatment approach. Homoeopathic Doctor diagnoses patients as a whole, takes time to listen about their problems rather than a clinical condition or a set of symptoms. In Homoeopathy, patient is an integrated entity, unique, need individual homoeopathic treatment and assessment including the emotional, physical, mental, social and any other aspects of the person. Homoeopathy takes the advantage of human’s self-restoring, homeostatic, self-healing and adaptive capabilities.

Homoeopathic Medicines are beneficial and useful to relate person’s pattern in responding to environmental influences and infectious agents. Experienced homoeopathic consultation requires that the qualities of the prescribed medicine should be as related as possible to the characteristics of the sickness in the patient. More accurate prescription can be detailed out with deep understanding of the symptom of the patient. Thus, homeopathy is extremely personalized and based upon a holistic assessment. The following factors may play an important role in homoeopathic medicine selection, specifically in chronic diseases: emotional and psychological make-up, constitution, the way the patient responds to emotional, physical, and mental stress in life, personality, nature, genetic tendencies and any strong family history of particular diseases.

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