Honey: Benefits and Side effects. Honey is a sweet indulgence taken by… | by Aisha Singh | Sep, 2021

Aisha Singh

Honey is a sweet indulgence taken by humans from the honeycomb of bees. Basically bees take the nectar from flowers and we take the honeycomb from bees. Typically a tablespoon of honey is pretty wholesome with 64 calories and 17 gms of carbohydrates with negligible to zero amount of fat, protein and fibre.

It has plenty of micro-nutrients including potassium, iron, and zinc. Along with this few categories of high quality honey are also rich in antioxidants which support better health. Being rich in a lot of compounds with plethora of health benefits, honey is a good replacement of sugar and is therefore used in cooking a lot of items as well.

  1. When Honey is applied to any burn or injury of any sort, the compounds present in it can initiate the healing process.

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