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Hotel Faro (Lopesan) returns to activity to consolidate Gran Canaria as a destination of the highest quality

The Hotel Faro, a Lopesan Collection Hotel returned to activity on October 1, allowing the Lopesan Hotel Group to once again have its entire portfolio operational. The reopening of this icon of Maspalomas will help to position Gran Canaria as a destination of the highest quality, offering its guests the possibility of enjoying the complete transformation of the property, carried out between 2019 and 2020, and which involved an investment of almost 20 million euros.

The comprehensive reform of the building allowed the Hotel Faro to change its concept and become part of the company’s new brand: The Lopesan Collection Hotels, which made it possible to increase its category and open in March 2020 with 5 stars. The COVID-19 pandemic precipitated everything and forced the closure of the property unexpectedly, remaining out of service for the last 18 months. Now, the new Hotel Faro, a Lopesan Collection Hotel is back in action and is ready to attract a type of tourists with a modern profile, with concerns and interested in enjoying exclusive experiences during their vacations.

This remodeling of the Hotel Faro, a Lopesan Collection Hotel, is the Lopesan Hotel Group’s response to the need to create new products that promote excellence and help consolidate Gran Canaria, in the international arena, as a competitive destination of the highest quality.

Theodor Anton Staehli comes from the Swiss city of Basel and has become the first guest in this new phase of the Hotel Faro, a Lopesan Collection Hotel. This is a regular customer, who always chooses this hotel for its spectacular location, on the beachfront and with unparalleled views of the Maspalomas Lighthouse. Last year, he had booked to know the ins and outs of the renovation carried out, however, as it was still closed, he was relocated to the Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso.

“The wait has been worth it, I am eager to discover and enjoy the new services offered by the hotel,” Staehli highlighted when received by the hotel’s director, Yolando Sánchez, and the deputy director, Romina Mateos. “So far, the lobby has impressed me. Is beautiful! I can’t wait to go up and discover the new decoration of my room, sit on the terrace and enjoy the sound of the ocean ”, the first client of the Hotel Faro told Lopesan Collection Hotel with emotion.

‘Hotel Faro, a Lopesan Collection Hotel’ and its exclusive location

The reconceptualization of the northernmost hotel in Gran Canaria has been proposed to strengthen the exclusive location of the property, through the opening of the complex to the outside and link it with the beach, the Maspalomas Lighthouse, the Paseo Marítimo del Faro, the Nature Reserve Special of the Dunes of Maspalomas and the Atlantic Ocean.

The project exposes a new way of defining the different spaces of the hotel, respecting the valuable original architecture of the building. The modification of the current appearance of the façade seeks for the structure to be permeable with its privileged surroundings and to blend in with the surrounding frame, creating a postcard in which the imposing figure of the Maspalomas Lighthouse stands out.

The opening of this iconic property is associated with The Lopesan Collection Hotels, a new Premium brand that joins the company’s portfolio together with Lopesan Hotels & Resorts, Corallium by Lopesan Hotels, Kumara by Lopesan Hotels, Abora by Lopesan Hotels and IFA by Lopesan Hotels. In this way, the Hotel Faro, a Lopesan Collection Hotel becomes the first element of this avant-garde concept aimed at a traveler profile that values ​​uniqueness and wants to stay in a unique and unrepeatable hotel.

In the project, the sustainability standards associated with all the company’s products have been respected and the necessary aspects have been taken into account to take care of the spectacular natural scenery in which the hotel is located, both in the production phase and during its execution.

The Atlantic Ocean is the protagonist

The warm reflection of the sun on the water and the soft ocean breeze will be the protagonists at the Hotel Faro, a Lopesan Collection Hotel. The reform carried out has tried to open the different common areas of the building towards the Atlantic, providing a feeling of spaciousness and allowing the hotel to be easily integrated with the beach and the promenade that connects El Faro with La Charca de Maspalomas.

Upon entering, guests will find that the reception lobby bar has a renovated panoramic terrace that spans the main level of the hotel, offering spectacular views that will accompany the lively gatherings of customers, while enjoying a drink, a coffee or your favorite combination.

Soon, the Hotel Faro, a Lopesan Collection Hotel will be in a position to announce important news that will reinforce the culinary and leisure offer of the Meloneras area and the Maspalomas Lighthouse, adding a plus to the Premium proposal of Gran Canaria as a tourist destination of global reference.

Wood and iron enter the rooms

The restructuring of the hotel’s layout has made it possible to increase the number of suites, offering the possibility of choosing between 179 spacious and comfortable double rooms, of which 20 are junior suites and 6 have been adapted for people with reduced mobility.

The design of the rooms constitutes one of the most elaborate aspects of the Hotel Faro project, a Lopesan Collection Hotel, mixing the colors in a bold way and combining the different elements of the rooms with natural materials, such as wood, with metallic details, which they blend with rich prints and the vibrant textiles used in furniture upholstery and rugs.

Each room has unique pieces that have been created exclusively for this hotel, such as the sink, integrated into the room, which becomes one of the iconic elements of this reconceptualization, by subtly interacting with the rest of the components of the careful decor.

For their part, the common areas also offer an eclectic aesthetic, in which the architecture of the 70s is combined with an organic decoration, which integrates concrete with natural details and vegetation. This amalgam of textures adds value to the structure and the different spaces that made up the original project.

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