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How climate change affects water quality | by Serenach-eese | Nov, 2021


Even though 2021 is half a decade old, many people still find it amazing. It feels like the end is near. It seemed as though the earth was in its most destructive mode. This included the eruptions and blizzards in Canada, the flu epidemic in the United States, and the outbreak of influenza B in the Philippines. Other situations, such as rare storms and fire disasters in Australia, were also happening.

Initial attention was not given to the disasters. It began with a wildfire, then it turned into a drought that caused the extinction of entire species. Although most people were concerned about losing infrastructure in a city, this was not a major concern until global events.

Climate Change: How big is it?

Climate change research shows that global warming could cause the weather to worsen than we imagine. Global warming is not a reality, according to some people. The topic of global warming has been debated for decades. The topic of global warming is still a hot topic. Many people are more aware that the environment’s temperature has increased in recent years.

Global Warming Effect

Global warming refers to a gradual increase in temperature that causes melting glaciers or permafrost. In Antarctica, temperatures reached over 20 degrees Celsius in the early part of this year. The heatwave lasted approximately one week. This white snow situation is now a serious problem.
The polar bears, penguins, and penguins are the primary animals that live at the north and South poles. These animals are most affected by melting Antarctic glaciers. Penguins are gradually losing their homes as a result of the rapid rise in Antarctic temperatures. The penguin population has declined by 75% since 1970. Although penguins cannot understand why glacier ice is melting, they can make a contribution to human efforts.

Venice Flooding

The Laguna di Venezia can be found in the northern Adriatic Sea. It is Italy’s water capital. In summer, the rare Sunday flood submerged the famous square of St. Mark. The November 2019 devastating Acqua Alta floods caused more than 100 million euros of damage. Venice’s St.
Mark’s Square, August 9, 2009: Nearly one meter of water was drained overnight.

The August 9 floods had minimal impact. Couples, tourists, and children had so many great times laughing, dancing, and chatting.
According to reports, rare summer floods in Venice are caused by climate change and rising sea levels. Although the flood control equipment was designed to prevent more than 130 cm of flooding, it was not activated during the flooding.

Climate Change and Water Shortages

Extreme rainfall can occur when temperatures rise to high levels. This could lead to dry spells lasting for days, dangerous floods, or even severe water shortages. According to the World Health Organization, half of the world’s people will live in areas with water shortages.

Rainfall can either be a nuisance or beautiful, according to a hydrologist. However, you cannot drink it immediately. Water scarcity is a slow disaster that can cause long-term damage. Often, the last drought is forgotten.

Apart from the health risks it presents, there are other consequences of water scarcity. As water flows decline, pollutants can build up in streams and rivers. Some areas may be more easily contaminated by aquifers that are too strained. Water shortages can also lead to animals seeking water. This increases the chance of humans contracting parasite-carrying diseases from animals. Drought can also increase the risk of wildfires and dust storms, irritating the lungs as well as irritating the airways.

Water shortages can also affect the availability of water for sanitation, hand washing, and hygiene. This can increase the severity and spread of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. Water shortages can also affect food safety. The soil tends to get compacted when it dries. Rain runoff can cause soil compaction and contamination.

How do you get clean water in floods?

It is always a good idea to have safe water. A minimum of one gallon per person of safe water should be kept for at least three consecutive days. As long as the water is not expired, bottled water can be consumed. It is a smart idea to keep track of the expiry date and rotate your water.
A recent test on 47 bottles of water revealed that there were 35 carbonated beverages and 12 carbonated beverages. Many popular brands contained high levels of PFA chemicals. Bottled water can have a significant effect on the environment, and may not always be safe.

Water filters can be used to filter water that has been stored in the fridge. PurerDrop water filters are made of Active carbon, which can remove most metal substances such as lead, aluminum, mercury, and chlorine. We offer the best market prices and Black Friday is just around the corner. Click here to learn more about the Whirlpool EDR1RXD1 water filter.

PurerDrop Water Filters

Global warming is a grave concern. Two of the most serious consequences are flooding and water scarcity. Bottled water is not only useful for flood victims, but it can also be dangerous to the environment. Water filters can be used to reduce global warming and climate change.

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