How OncoDxRx is transforming for the precision medicine era | by OncoDxRx | Jan, 2024

How OncoDxRx is transforming for the precision medicine era

The concept of having to wage large-scale fight against cancer using precision medicine was one that OncoDxRx has been preparing for, and transitioning towards, for the past 2 years.

OncoDxRx’s exclusive pipelines are a revolution of its own kind. The company’s core value was built on years of expertise and knowhow around liquid biopsy based molecular diagnostics. Those commitments have given to OncoDxRx an undisputable leading niche in precision oncology. And yet: The industry faces today a variety of challenges not only in diagnostics (Dx) but also in therapeutics (Rx).

Therefore, OncoDxRx’s Grand Strategy is to weigh a “power of balance,” with cutting-edge capacities in support of a multilateral approach for cancer management. The OncoDxRx’s transformation, now fully underway, answers that ambition.

Combination of liquid biopsy and exclusive technologies has had a special place in OncoDxRx’s heart for historical reasons and the company footprint there is increasing and evolving towards top notch. This means OncoDxRx will be ready to support with transformative technologies, from cancer early detection to treatment selection, response monitoring and recurrence surveillance.

Readiness, polyvalence, and exclusiveness ground this posture, with the ability to test patients immediately when needed, but effective disease management also requires getting partners on board when “high” intensity turns into “long” intensity.

OncoDxRx pointed out that the era of precision medicine, in which Dx and Rx are no more sequential but simultaneous and complementary, although never totally one or the other.

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