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About a year after becoming a Reiki Master, I saw that the world of “love and light” had a vicious, terroristic underbelly. The underbelly was full of evil and dark spirits. Malicious entities that tormented innocent souls, sought to destroy their lives, and prevent them from fulfilling their God-given purpose.

With all things in life, there is good and bad. Anyone or anything telling you that something is only positive or only negative is either lying or unaware. Unfortunately, I had to find this out the hard way. With Reiki or other energy healing modalities, one is essentially performing surgery on the soul. An individual’s energy field is opened up to gain insight on their issues as well as to transfer healing frequencies to their soul and thus their body. These practices open up portals on the human energy field. After every session these portals need to be CLOSED.

The problem is that people know how to open portals, but they don’t know how to close them. Everyone is in a rush to learn Reiki, open up a shop, and brag about how many Reiki or energy healing certifications they have under their belt. By rushing the process, these inexperienced “healers” actually do more harm than good. There is no way you can learn about energy healing and energy transfer in 1–2 days. That is not only absurd, but also setting people up to engage in medical malpractice.

Think about it like this: Imagine a regular doctor performs surgery on a patient and fails to close the patient up afterwards. What happens to the patient? The patient is at risk of developing infections and may end up with more problems than before the surgery. So what do you think happens if a Reiki therapist, energy healer, or “soul doctor” opens someone’s energy field up and fails to close it after the session or “surgery?”

If an inexperienced practitioner fails to close your energy field properly, then a person can be subjected to all kinds of crazy and “demonic” forces or negative energy in general. As a result, any initial healing a patient may have felt is substituted with physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. This includes but is not limited to body aches, weird dreams and thoughts, hearing voices, hallucinations, inability to sleep or eat properly, sleep paralysis or spirits attacking someone at night, seeing demons (yes, literally seeing evil spirits), facial contortions, changes in one’s voice, and a violent unleashing of one’s emotions. (Btw, inexperienced does not necessarily refer to how long one has practiced Reiki, it also refers to people who are unfamiliar with all aspects of energy work).

None of this is normal. None of these should be symptoms a patient feels after undergoing a Reiki session.

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Additionally, if the practitioner fails to take care of themselves properly, then they can indeed transfer “demons” or negative energy to a patient. As an energy healer, your body is a vessel that is being used to send someone healing energy. If you carry lots and lots of baggage, then your risk sending your patient that baggage as well. For example, if a soccer player passes the ball to their teammate on a muddy field, then the teammate receives a muddy ball. If the player passes the ball to their teammate on a dry, healthy field, then the teammate receives a clean ball. All energy healers are responsible for keeping their grass green and pristine. It’s not enough to just meditate a few minutes or an hour before a session. One has to have a lifestyle that radiates positivity.

Of course, no is 100% perfect. I have failed many times at creating a healthy lifestyle for myself. However, there comes a time and place where every Reiki practitioner must be honest with themselves and how well they engage in self care practices. Poor eating and sleeping habits, working jobs that aren’t in line with your purpose, inadequate physical movement, etc. all weaken the vessel that is supposed to help other people heal. If you are unable to take care of yourself properly, then stop practicing Reiki until you can. You cannot be a blessing to others if you are not a blessing to yourself.

Thirdly, other practices like tarot, oracle cards, palm reading, etc. also open up the human energy field/portals and can summon things that do more harm than healing. When a figure, god/goddess, or entity is drawn from a card deck, that entity is effectively “summoned.” While they may not always be literal people or spirits, they are often representative of an energy that exists in our world. Therefore, a practitioner needs to be thoroughly trained in how to handle what is being summoned. Unfortunately, anyone can buy a card deck and card readings are portrayed as “fun” ways to understand yourself. These tactics are far more powerful than they are presented to innocent people simply looking for ways to know themselves. Only individuals thoroughly trained in the discipline should be giving card readings.

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When entities are summoned in the same space as a Reiki or energy healing setting, a practitioner also risks having those entities interfere with the patient’s energy field. This creates another “spiritual can of worms” for the patient. Card readings should not be done in conjunction with energy sessions. And anything that is “summoned” should be sent back to wherever it came from. If a practitioner does not know how to do this, then they should avoid doing card readings all together.

Lastly, there are different kinds of Reiki techniques and symbols. Certain techniques and symbols are more potent than others. I only ever learned the most basic forms of Reiki healing, but I gather that other forms of Reiki either open the patient up more deeply, activate dormant energy (both positive and negative) within the person, or have a person’s soul interact with heightened forms of energy that they may not be ready for. That is why it is so important to get to know a patient THOROUGHLY. This may mean that Reiki is not performed on the patient when they initially come to a practitioner. Unfortunately, someone with an unsteady mental state may be set off after any kind of energy healing instead of placated. However, many “healers” do not understand how powerful the healing modality is and think Reiki has a one size fits all approach.

So…how exactly do I know all this?

continued in part 3/3

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