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How the Casino Trade Could Boost Tourism to Malawi | Malawi Nyasa Times

In comparison to Egypt or Morocco, Malawi was never a popular tourist destination for those wishing to explore the best of Africa. But, it must be pointed out that Malawi has some of the most gorgeous landscapes and friendliest people on the continent. However, its tourism hasn’t managed to blossom in the past century.

Luckily for this country, things seem to be improving when it comes to tourism. Over the last five years, Malawi has seen rapid growth in the number of new visitors. The Internet has made it possible for people to be able to have a glance at the many natural wonders that this country has to offer. Therefore it came as a natural choice for many holidaymakers.

However, there is one aspect that Malawi still needs to explore and improve in order to maximize the number of people interested in visiting this country. And that’s the casino trade. The land-based and online gambling industry has been expanding over the past couple of years. And this has resulted in many new players as well as those interested in visiting countries that allow brick-and-mortar and online casinos.

In this article, we’ll take a look at why we think that the casino trade could boost tourism in Malawi.

The Popularity of Casinos in Other Countries

The greatest number of tourists that visit Africa comes from the US and Europe. And the number of active players in most US states and European countries has been rapidly growing. Nowadays, there are more UK casinos and online gambling platforms where you can play with real money than ever before. Moreover, many UK players are interested in the best 10 pound deposit bonuses that are available on different online casinos and that allow them to play their favorite casino games longer. Therefore, naturally, these same players will be interested in visiting a country that offers a wide variety of online gambling websites as well as retail casinos. So, Malawi could attract more European and US citizens once the casino industry starts blooming.

Of course, this also applies to countries where gambling is prohibited. There are also many tourists who want to see and experience a land-based casino for the first time. And if their own country doesn’t offer that opportunity, they are willing to make it happen by traveling abroad. Therefore, Malawi could also attract this type of tourist as well.

The Benefits of Being a Casino Destination

More than ever before, we are seeing many cities becoming main hubs for tourists who are looking for top casino destinations for their next trip. Not so long ago, the only such location (or better yet) the most important one was Las Vegas with over 50 million tourists on an annual basis. And now, we see more tourists visiting Canada, Macau, Monte Carlo, and other similar locations simply because of their unique land-based casino offer. Furthermore, thanks to a growing number of online Canadian players, this country and many others have become extremely popular among online casino fans. Those who come for sightseeing, usually also visit 10 minimum deposit casinos where they can play casino games without investing too much in their first deposit. So, for Malawi to become a casino destination can only mean more people visiting local hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Additionally, with the opening of new casino locations, there would be plenty of open job positions, so that the unemployment rate would drop drastically. Also, the number of new tourists will increase the demand for many new restaurants and shops, which means that other industries can also profit from casino tourism.

Lastly, legalized casinos and gambling websites are obliged to pay taxes in the country where they offer their services. So next to all the benefits mentioned above, which would also boost Malawi’s economy, there are also operators that need to pay their annual taxes. In this way, the gambling industry would have a direct impact on the overall quality of lifestyle in this country, since, at the end of the day, that same tax money would be used to help the Malawi people.

It Can Develop Better Relationship With Many Countries

By constantly welcoming foreign tourists, Malawi could end up developing better international relationships with many different countries. Casino enthusiasts from all around the world would start visiting, and by word-of-mouth recommendation or through many tourist agencies, people would gradually start returning to the location that showed them memorable hospitality and a good time. In time, this would end up in better international relationships, and perhaps even new opportunities for Malawi residents to explore these countries as well.

The Locals Would Be Exposed To New Cultures

With new tourists come new cultures as well. So, if Malawi would become the main casino destination for one or more countries, over time, the people coming from those countries would bring their own culture with them. This could be extremely beneficial for the people of Malawi who would get the opportunity to get to know other parts of the world without even leaving the country. In order to make the tourists feel at home, it’s highly likely that many new restaurants serving international food and different shops would start popping up. So, in the beginning, it would be done to please the tourists and keep them pouring into the country, but in the end, it would also be an exciting new experience for the locals as well.


Malawi has already started seeing great improvement when it comes to those interested in visiting. However, without a properly developed gambling industry, it’s safe to say that Malawi still hasn’t reached its full potential. If Malawi ever makes the decision to grow the presence of casinos and online gambling platforms, it will surely attract a new type of tourist that will undoubtedly boost the economy of this country.


Leslie Alexander is the content lead at Gamblizard who likes to investigate different online casinos and sports betting platforms. Leslie enjoys exploring different topics related to the gambling industry to help her readers have some insight into the world of casinos. In her free time, Leslie likes to play video poker and blackjack.

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