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How to detox your skin after festive season

Festive season is here again. As always, shopping and partying is the rage. During this festive period many of us are busy shopping for the perfect present, spending time with family and friends, and making plans, so it is more than easy to forget your skin. The skin is a fingerprint of what is going on inside our body. Therefore, the focus lies not only on the external use of creams and lotions but also on what we consume. Today, in the beauty industry, the power of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for a more healthy and youthful glow is paramount.

Detox your skin without fail to clear your system of all the unwanted toxins and feel lighter and fresher during festive season

Natural cleansers

Cold milk is rich in lactic acid help to exfoliate at the same time works as a soothing agent and a good cleanser

curd again rich in lactic acid a natural alpha hydroxy acid works as a gentle exfoliant with cleansing and soothing properties

Pumpkin puree can help it is rich in antioxidants with a and c and zinc it soothes and moisturizes the skin ,it has a gentle alpha hydroxy action while the rich beta carotene anti oxidants nourish the skin .

Avoid drinking ice cold water out of the fridge immediately after workout , just because your back from a workout to keep the coughs and colds away .

As its party season don’t overindulge in alcohol and try to counter balance with enough water intake to help flush all the toxins out

Breakout of pimples and spots can be annoying to deal with. Studies say marks found on certain parts of the face could be signs of specific health issues like a poor digestive system that needs detoxing, too much alcohol or dairy that has ruined the liver or even not enough water intake for kidney function. Avoid kidney destroying habits such as frequent delaying call of nature, drinking too much coffee or alcohol, mineral deficiencies, Sleep deprivations. Drink loads and loads of water to flush the kidney.

Your upper cheeks represent asthma and lung infections they also could release Acne.

Find below some key nutritional elements and their significance in our diets during festive season:


Essential in the formation of haemoglobin

Low iron levels result in hair loss and dark circles

Eat spinach, soya bean, kidney bean, egg yolk, whole grain, sesame seeds


A deficiency in zinc may lead to acne, ridges on the nails or hair loss

Zinc helps in clearing skin of acne by reducing the sebum production

Eat oysters, meat, poultry products, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts, beans, dairy products.

Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE And Coenzyme Q10

Alpha lipoic acid helps smoothen skin and reduces signs of aging

DMAE and Coenzyme q10 are powerful antioxidants that protect against free radical damage

Shell fish, spinach, nuts are the best source.

So take a proper care during this season of festival by detoxifying your skin.

Satish Bhatia, MD FAAD Board certified dermatologist and skin surgeon.

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