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Good day, I would like to tell you about one effective way to get the desired beard in a relatively short time. Of course, you must understand that no method or means will give you a lush beard in a week. But, if you are not yet 30 years old and you have a good predisposition, then the result of a good beard can be expected in 2–3 months. I’ll tell you about my experience, mistakes and possible nuances.
If you only need to find out the very way by which I and many of my friends solved the problem with the growth of a beard once and for all, then skip the next two theses.

First, as a disclaimer, I’ll tell you to think carefully, do you really want your beard to start growing? After all, this is not only a way to change your style, but also a way to get a lot of additional worries related to beard growth.

What if after a while you want to go clean-shaven again? How many razor blades do you use, how often do you shave now? If two years ago I could walk unshaven for about a month and not see facial hair, now one evening is enough for stubble to appear on my face. And I have to let you know, girls don’t like hard stubble. Either a smooth cheek or a soft beard. The bristles will irritate you and your crush.

Another possible problem you will encounter is beard grooming. Yes, she needs to be looked after. Otherwise, you will not look like a well-groomed man, but a bum. And with this there is nothing to do, except to start caring for the beard. You will have to learn how to trim your beard yourself. Or you will have to choose a barbershop where they will do it for you. Therefore, get ready to either spend money on a trimmer or go to a barbershop. I’m not talking about the agony of choosing the type of beard that suits you.

When I first had the idea to change my style, I wondered how I could grow a beard, because it is so important for my future style. And I, like a normal person, scoured the entire Internet to find various ways on how to speed up the growth of a beard, because I did not even have a mustache or a sideburn, just a pitiful fluff. And unsurprisingly, I stumbled upon a lot of weird ways that people have been talking about in various forums.

Many people think that a burning sensation on the face is one of the signs of blood flow to the hair, which means that the hair grows. Therefore, I often came across the advice that you need to wash your face with water and pepper every day. Of course, from such a set, the face will turn red and irritation will begin. But I’m afraid it won’t grow a beard.

Another person argued that the cold makes it clear to the body that it is time to start growing a beard to protect the face. There is, of course, logic in this, but I don’t really believe it. This guy washed himself with ice water every day. According to him, after 2 months he began to grow a beard. I don’t know if this is connected at all with the fact that he burned himself with the cold …

And of course my favorite advice is in the picture below:

So, let’s say you are determined to grow a beard, but you don’t want to use medications that can cause side effects. And there is nothing shameful about that. But, the effect of such methods is strictly individual. Someone may simply not have enough vitamins for the growth of a beard, someone has mental problems. Yes, stress greatly affects hair growth. A few words about the methods from which there is an effect, but insignificant, in comparison with my solution.

1) Food supplements: Vitamin B12 and Zinc

If you understand a little about the human body, then you should understand how important zinc is in a man’s body. First of all, this is your masculine strength. It’s no secret that facial hair grows mostly in men (I’ll ruin you, but women also have fluff, even though they hide it). And the growth of this hair is dependent on testosterone. Accordingly, by starting to take zinc, you increase the amount of testosterone produced. Well, vitamin B12 just strengthens your hair. He will definitely not be superfluous.

Again, if you are deficient in zinc, then this method will help you. If not, then the hair color will simply become a little richer. Personally, zinc had the following effect on me: the hair became harder, some of the hairs had pigmentation changed from black to rusty. The multi-colored beard looks relatively exciting.

But, I must warn you, although an excess of zinc in the body is extremely rare, since it is excreted quickly by the body, while taking zinc it is necessary to maintain the amount of copper in your body. It is not necessary to take copper supplements, it is enough to simply increase the amount of food that contains copper. And one more thing, men, zinc increases testosterone, and therefore your sex drive. Be careful, sometimes it gets in the way of work, if you know what I mean.

2) Nicotinic acid

Also, many advise the use of niacin, it stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, thereby accelerating the process of their growth. It really works, but weakly. For the first time, your skin on your face will just burn for 30–60 minutes, and your face will turn red. Over time, the skin will get used to it, but until then you will have to sit at home if you do not want to be seen with a very flushed face. Personally, I tried it a couple of times and decided that I was not ready to make such a sacrifice.

3) Hair transplant

I could not help but include this sub-item, since this is also a solution to the problem. Though ineffective. After all, the operation is very expensive, each hair will cost you several dollars, and you will need a lot of hair. In addition, more than half of the transplanted hairs simply will not survive the transplant. You also have to decide where to get the bulbs from. Beard hair has its own structure; you cannot simply transplant hair from the back of the head to the face. However, this is the only way to get the desired beard if, for some reason, you were born without a single hair follicle on your face.

So, now you have definitely decided for yourself to grow your hair, but now you are not worried about some of the side effects, which I will tell you about a little later. This drug is called Minoxidil. I will not tell you exactly how it works, since you can easily google this information. But it works. However, the tool has both strengths and weaknesses.

I’ll start with the strengths. Yes, the tool really works, whoever tells you otherwise. For me personally, 6 months of daily use was enough for me to get the desired effect. After a year later, I used it again to get a thicker beard in the cheek area. The second time it took 3 months. Personally, I used Kirkland Minoxidil, which you can see in the picture below. In addition, I drank a course of zinc twice. Many people advise using a scooter so that the product penetrates the skin better, but I can tell you that it is enough to wash your face before each use.


  1. It really works effectively
  2. The procedure takes only a couple of minutes a day
  3. Inexpensive — in general, it will take you $ 40–50 for six months.
  4. The first result will appear in a month, after three months you will most likely see strong stubble around the mustache, sideburns and chin. After 6 months, you will be able to walk confidently with beautiful stubble.

Now about the cons.

  1. The first week may be skin irritation. It passes quickly.
  2. After a week, you will have residues of the dried preparation that looks like dandruff on your face. Unfortunately, just washing your face is not enough. It is necessary to use leather goods to wash it off.
  3. The drug should be used daily, morning and evening. Of course, nothing bad will happen if you miss one session, but if you miss a week, it will have a negative impact.

Some harmless nuances:

  1. After a month or two, hair synchronization will begin. This means that your hair will begin to renew itself, including on the head, and accordingly will begin to fall out more intensively. Fear not, this will not make you bald. In place of the lost hair, new ones begin to grow.
  2. Of course, a month after stopping the use of the drug, you will lose about 15% of the percentage of hair that appears, and hair growth will slow down. But the main part will remain, in addition, the beard will continue to grow on its own.

Now let’s talk about side effects. I will not deceive you, they are. But not as scary as they say on the Internet. You will not go bald from the drug. Here are the side effects that I personally encountered.

  1. If you have heart problems, then in the first months you will have symptoms of tachycardia. That is, shortness of breath or heart palpitations is possible
  2. Hair sync, which I wrote about earlier
  3. “Dandruff” on the skin
  4. Dry skin, since the preparation contains alcohol
  5. In the first week, your face may swell a little, like you have a bad hangover, but it goes away.

I say right away that the drug really works if you do not miss the sessions. But, the instructions say to use it twice a day, you shouldn’t do more. After all, the more drug you apply, the greater the chance of side effects. Also, the drug will not help if you have no hair follicles since birth. It accelerates hair growth rather than promoting the appearance of hair follicles. He really helped me, so I decided to share with you.

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