How to Health And Vitality. How to Health and Vitality | by Rajinder kumar | Oct, 2021

Rajinder kumar

How to Health and Vitality

health vs. wellness

How can it help me feel better

And here’s how to describe the two:


In this section of the article, I will tell you how my life changed and why I have chosen wellness over health. Since my illness began a year ago, I have lost 20% of my weight, and my weight crept back back up to 225 pounds. For most of my adult life, I’ve spent most of my time being overweight and about half of my weight is not even on my bones. I started doing some research on how to start doing better, and nothing worked.

One morning, my gym changed and added a fitness group in the beginning of January. It was hot day outside, but the room was cold, and the indoor air was so loud that I couldn’t hear myself think. I asked one of the other members if she had anything I could suggest in order to feel like I’m on vacation, and she suggested “dancing.” It’s what I’ve always wanted to do since I was a little girl, but it’s also what my husband will be doing in a matter of days. He was not thrilled with my idea at first, but after attending my first workout she immediately agreed. Soon I joined the class and something in me just changed, and I don’t know how else to put it. After a week of exercising to a soundtrack, I felt energized and had a good jump.

I quickly added classes in my area so I could practice and stay fit. I know now it’s better to bring my own equipment than those machines or mats others give to you to try and lose weight. I honestly think the only way to be the best I can be for myself is to practice and learn new things. I also added some dance classes into my life as well to practice with others on new moves.

I began an app where I can do some workouts with my bandage on, my handheld step counter, and my breast pumps. My doctors asked me about all this as a way to cut back on my exercise, and I find a lot of ways to stay fit without exercise.

Not to be the superwoman I never thought I’d be, but now I know I do have to go to the gym at least 3 days a week and add time to this busy schedule for eating healthy. I’m not expecting to run 5k anytime soon or to write a bestselling book, but I know that my health is important to me, and I can practice on a daily basis with my new and improved lifestyle.


Wellness was my savior. Like I said, I lost so much weight, but it wasn’t because I was no longer exercising. I needed a new perspective on my life, and I found that with yoga and breathing exercise. I like breathing exercises because it allows me to focus, and I wanted to become better at that and live a healthier lifestyle.

I have also added many new friends I know well in this class, including some who are also my yoga masters. You can’t simply put them in the same class for all of them to feel like they are getting quality exercise. This will also bring more healthy eating to our lives because we won’t be able to decide which class we need to bring that piece of food into our day.

I have also been able to improve my digestion, losing another 2 pounds from my weight back down to 210 pounds. To be honest, there’s not a day that goes by I don’t hear someone say to me, “We’re so glad you’re back.” They told me recently that being healthy at my heaviest point was a stigma, not a right.


Wellness provides a better way to practice on a daily basis. In addition to going to the studio on a regular basis, there are some classes from Yoga Radical Movement so you can feel familiar and at ease. You can also also go during your morning stretches. That never ends up being a bad thing, and this class helps you lose weight.

On a side note, I got myself into my local DVD shop and got a more intense class than I knew existed. Though I am not a big fan of the classes, I knew that if I wanted to lose weight, I had to start changing a portion of my day. This class burns 80% of your calories if you are doing the correct stretching exercises, which will help you gain confidence while you gain weight.

I will continue to practice, but I also know that I still have to do my own exercises if I want to change my life. I’m tired of telling myself all this. Sure, I might lose weight through exercise, but I am just as likely to

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