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How to lose weight without fitness classes? | by AlexEfanoff | Oct, 2021


The dream of all people — to lose weight without sports — is actually feasible. An obstacle to this can only be metabolic disorders caused by chronic diseases or pathologies, for the treatment of which it is necessary to take medications that increase weight.

If the body is healthy, then there are conditions, the disciplined fulfillment of which for a long time will lead, if not to an ideal body weight and a beautiful figure, then to a completely acceptable state. What should be done for this?

To lose weight without sports, you can not even go on a strict diet. To begin with, change the regime and diet:

Make sure that the daily content of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is in a ratio of 2:2:1, and the calorie content does not exceed 1500 kcal. At the same time, try to maintain the ratio of animal and vegetable protein in the weekly diet — 80% + 20%.

Try to eat 5 times a day. Slowly reduce the volume of the portion to the size of your fist. Give up fried dishes in favor of baked ones.

In the morning, eat dairy products, eggs, meat, cereals, pasta, fruits. Cook lunch with chicken and vegetables. For the evening, leave the fish, green vegetables and fermented milk drinks.

Try to have as few different foods as possible in one meal.

Drink a lot of water, but reduce salt to 3–5 g. Do not finish the food on the table, and if you can not refuse pickles, eat them at lunch.

Do not abuse beer, otherwise a “beer” belly will quickly grow, which is very difficult to get rid of.

Give up sugary sodas, even if it says “Sugar Free” on them. Cheap sweeteners are even more harmful than natural sugar, and the habit of drinking sugary drinks causes addiction to sweets and, sooner or later, will turn into an irresistible craving for sweet and fatty desserts.

Be responsible for the use of sauces, vinegars and spices that increase appetite.

Don’t go to bed feeling hungry or overeating. After dinner, 2 hours should pass before going to bed.

Indulge yourself before going to bed with half a grapefruit. It contains sugar-lowering, fat-burning and skin-firming substances.

But, by and large, it is possible to lose weight without sports or lose excess weight without exercising, only with the help of low-calorie diets and / or competent fasting. But here almost everyone has another problem — flabbiness or, worse, sagging skin.

Therefore, physical activity is necessary and it will only benefit you.

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