How to weight loss in a natural way | by Mohitwasnik | Oct, 2021


So, I’m sure everyone is asking, “How does one lose weight naturally?”. Well, if you are someone with a weight loss problem, I found out that there are a few easy things to start doing to lose weight naturally, which in my opinion will help you lose weight naturally. Here are the five basic steps.

1. Watch your temperature

Of course, you are free to warm up, sleep, or even detox, but this will have a major effect on how you lose weight. Studies have shown that healthy people lose 7–11% of their body weight by being cold. Also, feeling uncomfortable with your environment because you don’t like it (and isn’t that so bad when you only have a few dollars) will have a major impact on how you weigh yourself in the week before you weigh yourself.

2. Eat fruits and veggies

It’s well known that eating fruits and vegetables makes you feel more satisfied. You want to be filling, so you want to get something that is delicious and nutritious, like some breakfast grains and some steamed broccoli. But, don’t just eat veggies to get your breakfast. Simply eating your vegetables for breakfast can help your weight loss chances.

3. Sleep

Did you know that too much sleep can even lead to weight gain? Insomnia from 3–7 hours a night can lead to excessive weight gain, and cause weight loss to be overstated. Also, and more importantly, sleeping well (better than your co-workers at the office), can lead to you becoming a healthier person, than you were just the day before. Of course, it might be impossible to fall asleep after the afternoon train all at once, so make sure to do some regular sleep.


Try yoga, even for 30–90 minutes a day. If you can’t afford to go to classes or even join a class, then why not try your fitness for an hour a day. It might help. Aim for 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on bikes, or even 20 minutes of running. If you can, do a weights class as well as your physical activity. Exercise will be an important part of your weight loss mission.

5. Change your diet and exercise

After doing these simple steps, I’m sure you’ll find that you’re already on the way to losing weight naturally. But what if you are out to lose weight almost every day? I highly recommend having a cocktail of a yogurt drink and doing a protein shake with more greens and healthy juicing. Go for long walks, walk around your neighborhood, and especially a local park for some fresh air.

Anyways, if all of these are just sitting right there on your phone (we all are right now), then of course don’t even close the phone until you have left! Now here we go…

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