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I Was on Weight Watchers for a Year! | by All The Things by Heidi | Sep, 2021

How my journey played out.

Weight Watchers “is a global company headquartered in the U.S. that offers weight loss and maintenance, fitness, and mindset services such as the Weight Watchers comprehensive diet program.” — Google

Whenever I thought of weight loss or dieting, Weight Watchers usually came to mind as a very cliche “mom” way to get healthy. I’m biting my tongue hard, no really guys, it’s bleeding; as it stands, October 1st will mark my one-year anniversary on the program, and I am over the moon with the results.

WW really is your one-stop-shop for all things healthy. At $20 a month, I had access to meal tracking, recipes, grocery lists, online coaching and community interaction, sleep habit tracking, fitness options, the list goes on and on. One of the highlights of using the WW service is that it is very user-friendly! With a variety of functions available at my fingertips, it wasn’t so much information overload, but instead, it gave me all the tools I needed to start a healthy, accountable journey.

The program really makes the concept of “dieting” fun and most importantly, teaches you how to eat. What do I mean by that, well — it literally teaches you how to enjoy all foods, in moderation. Portion control, in addition to a healthy perspective, as I like to call, it is at the forefront of the program. It’s really not about restricting you in any way, but more so it helps you understand your meal choices. If you eat a Big Mac meal for lunch, and an ice cream sundae for dinner, these would not be considered healthy, sustainable calories and would exceed your recommended daily caloric intake in just one meal and dessert. Am I saying that you can never eat fast food or indulge in desserts? Certainly not, balance is an important and necessary part of life. However, if you are trying to lose weight and build healthy habits, then being mindful of your choices is important. This brings me to another great thing about WW, you can look up thousands of restaurants to see how their food items rank on the WW points system. For instance, if I got that Big Mac, it would cost me 18 of the 30 points that I am allowed for the day for food, so it basically puts you at a crossroads — this is a good thing. I had days where I was willing to part with those points so that I could indulge and that was ok, it just meant that I had to be mindful of my intake for the remainder of the day and eat things that had a lower or even zero point value (Fruits and veggies, or even lean chicken depending on which WW plan you select). The main thing is that WW really helps put into perspective for you is how many calories, or points, in this case, we consume daily and how at times we don’t even realize that we are overeating or making more unhealthy choices than we should.

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If I knew that I would be going out to dinner over the weekend, I would take advantage of what the program calls, “Weekly Points”. For me, this was a bank of 30 points that I had available to use throughout the week if I went over my allowed points for the day or at any given time during the week. I will say this, although having those extra points is helpful, I had to be mindful to not abuse them or use them all every week. If I did, then I would essentially break even for the week a.k.a. no weight loss, and it would make me feel like it was ok for me to eat more when in actuality I was trying to remain on the straight and narrow and basically shrink my stomach in a healthy way.

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Let’s talk about the recipes that WW has to offer. There really is something for everyone, and the option to search for what you like is very simple. For instance, if you like eggs you can literally type in the word “eggs” into the search, and tons of healthy recipes involving eggs will come up for you. The ease of the search function and the preparation and cook times are really what makes using the WW recipes so enjoyable. You can even create your own recipes and track the points that would be needed per item used in your recipe so that you know what the total point count is for that particular meal. What I like best is that you’re getting official WW recipes as well as recipe ideas from actual people just like you who are trying to be healthy. The recipes in themself are not that elaborate either. A misconception about eating healthy is that it is way more complicated than cooking the average meal and that is not the case. They take no longer than an average meal would to make, and at least if you use these recipes you know you are giving yourself a healtier option.

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The WW program really makes the journey to healthy living an enjoyable one. It provides everything you would need to be successful in one place, and they also offer incentives or Wellness Wins for your efforts. Wellness Wins are basically points that you earn from tracking your meals, doing workouts, and weighing in each week. Essentially you receive points for doing your due diligence while on the program, and those points translate into free stuff. Who doesn’t like free stuff?! The points are based on a tiered system and depending on what tier you fall under, you can choose from approximately 20 different free gifts, ranging from free subscriptions, to travel bags, and jewelry, there really is something for everyone. It’s a nice little incentive for putting in the hard work. Weight Watchers really prides itself on trying to make people feel good about themselves. I remember when I lost my first 5 lbs, they sent me a small key chain charm in the mail that had the number 5 on it as a keepsake. Since then I have received one for every weight loss milestone that I have achieved; 5, 10, 25 lbs.

If I cover everything that WW has to offer in very specific detail this article could easily turn into a book. My overall opinion is that this is a great place to start if you are trying to get healthy. It really teaches you a lot about being healthy and instead of restricting you, gives you the tools you need to make the changes that fit into your lifestyle, all while making you feel good about yourself in the process. I am not a physician and I have not been sponsored by WW, I’m just a fangirl writing an honest review about my experience. To date, I am down 29 lbs and I am so proud. What I like most is that I was able to achieve my goal weight and do so in my own time and at my own pace. Most importantly I have been able to effortlessly stick to my new lifestyle because the program taught me the importance of remaining consistent and being accountable.

Results will vary for everyone, some might lose 29 lbs in 3 months while others in 3 years, it all depends on how you are using the program to fit your individual needs. I am happy with my results and I don’t think they were slow for me; my journey wasn’t about losing weight only, but it was an overall lifestyle change that takes time and patience. Weight Watchers can help you achieve your health and fitness goals so I recommend giving it a chance; at least you have the option to cancel any time if you find that the program is not right for you.

If you are someone that is on this journey or has taken it, kudos to you for taking the time to invest in yourself.

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