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I will kill myself someday. In that day, everything is gonna be… | by LatiblueLand | Nov, 2021

I will kill myself someday

In that day, everything is gonna be beautiful. This world will give me the best day. People who love me will treat me just the same. They will not know what I will do to myself. I will take my dog for a walk for the last time. I will buy my favorite drink at my local store. I will say thank you as the lady at the counter hands me change. I will write letters to those who love me. It will say “i love you”. And I will hide it under my pillow. I will go outside, climb a tree like I’m a kid again. And breathe the air of the world I will leave soon. I will cry a bit but I will be fine. Then I realize, how beautiful this world is. By living like nothing matters anymore. Like today is the last day. I will forget the reason why I wanted to kill myself. Then I will go back in my room. Look outside the window and say goodbye to myself. I will know then that life is too short to make it shorter. I will know then that life is too precious to let go. I will know then that I can make my life better. In that day, I will kill myself. Myself who wants to die.

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