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In 2022, we can envision what the health of Americans will look like, and it’s not pretty. Health care costs are skyrocketing, leaving many people without insurance. The amount of chemicals in our food and water has reached levels that could be negatively impacting our health without us knowing it. And doctors are continuously finding new medications they wish they didn’t have to prescribe because they are so addictive or dangerous to our bodies. These trends don’t look like they’re going away anytime soon, so how can we get ahead of them?

Are You Ready to Get Fit?

A cure for cardiovascular disease will be announced by 2022. Cardiovascular disease killed over 600,000 people in 2011 — many of whom were over 50 years old. A cure for CVD would not only save millions of lives, but also an incalculable amount of money spent on hospital bills and treatment.


Great news! Cancer rates are expected to drop by 50% in 2022. By then researchers will have discovered how cancer works at a genetic level and will have developed antibodies capable of attacking it. You will be able to get injections or even pills that protect you from all forms of cancer for as long as you take them.

In 2010, America had an obesity rate of 30.5 percent. By 2013, it had reached 35.7 percent. According to a CDC report published in 2014 , nearly two-thirds of American adults and one-third of youth are either overweight or obese — shocking statistics that many people refuse to acknowledge as alarming . What’s worse?

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According to a recent report by Gallup and Health ways, Americans’ life expectancy has been increasing for years. In fact, it’s expected to reach 80 years in 2022 — meaning that health trends that started in 2017 will continue for at least another seven years. The survey also found people felt better about their well-being than ever before — maybe because they were eating better and living more active lifestyles?

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Currently, almost everyone has a drink at some point in their day. The world will be healthier and more productive if people were able to keep their drinking under control. In fact, alcohol consumption will be viewed as one of many things that can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, excessive salt consumption). So while you can enjoy a glass of wine or two with dinner each night, moderation will become key.

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Doctors today spend a lot of time sifting through useless information to find useful bits of medical advice for their patients. In 2022, AI will have solved that problem and taken on most of our responsibilities. By studying large amounts of data from public databases and patients’ genetic information, AI doctors can make suggestions about disease risks as well as how people can improve their overall well-being.

In 2017 and 2018, a lot of attention was paid to how Trump might (or might not) affect drug prices in America. But by 2022, you’ll be so accustomed to cheap drugs that you won’t even notice anymore. It’s already happening: The number of expensive brand-name drugs going off patent will have dropped significantly by 2020.

Many futurists have predicted that by 2022 we will no longer eat meat. We’ll get all our proteins from plants and vegans will live forever!

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