Increase Of Cancer In Disadvantaged Communities | by Latia Parker | Oct, 2021

Latia Parker

Cancer is a disease that eats a person up from the inside. Although it can be diagnosed and treated early on, there are many upon many cases where people lose this dim ray of hope too and when they find out, it’s too late. Here is why disadvantaged communities and underprivileged countries are having a hard time fighting off this parasite of a disease.

First thing’s first, you can’t exactly measure the impact cancer has on certain communities if you don’t know where the problem lies. A disadvantaged community is a community or even a small country that is living in extreme poverty and less than average health conditions. These countries or communities have very limited access to health care and hospitals and they fend for themselves when they come face to face with a deadly disease or pandemic.

Disadvantaged countries and communities also have a very unpleasant hygienic environment in which they are forced to live in. The reason why a country or community becomes disadvantaged is because of the lack of care given by the government and other authorized bodies. The taxes which are given by the people are not used for their own benefits and they are treasured and stored for the richest of the rich people who are governing such countries and communities.

Now that you know what disadvantaged countries are, let’s talk about their conditions and how it can impact the cancer mortality rate.

· Lack of health care and hospitals lead to late diagnosis and when the cancer is eventually diagnosed, it is too late for the patient.

· There aren’t enough funds and resources which can be used for making cancer hospitals or even subsidiary programs that can help the poor patients in fighting off cancer.

· The harsh environmental conditions and atmosphere people live in also cause certain types of cancerous cells to mutate and form even deadlier types of cancer, which can be new to the world of cancer or medicine.

· People are usually not familiar with the idea of having regular checkups and going to the hospital to make sure that their bodies are doing fine and there isn’t any abnormal growth of cells.

· The diets of such underprivileged communities are not good at all, and they don’t have the financial resources to feed themselves and their families good and nourishing foods and nutrient-rich meals.

· Even in rural areas of first-world countries, the death from cancer is in a much higher percentage as opposed to urban areas, where there are adequate medical facilities and hospitals for people to come in and get checked.

Here are some very important yet unnoticeable environmental changes and issues which can impact the risk of cancer and its mortality.

· Such underprivileged and disadvantaged communities have very low literacy rates, which means that they are not educated enough to know how society works and how to keep their own atmosphere and environment clean and green, so this causes a lot of educational barriers between them and they are unable to sustain their own environment and an unhealthy environment will lead to the formation of more mutated and dangerous cancers.

· The chemical waste in these countries is not dumped appropriately and this can cause a lot of health and pollution issues. These harsh and harmful substances may go into the air or even a person’s body and can cause heavy mutation of human cells.

· These communities also have a very low abundance of trees and greenery which is a very bad thing, since trees are nature’s detoxifiers and they can help to reduce a lot of dangerous and life-threatening diseases, with cancer being one of them.

Some socioeconomic issues which can also lead to hindrance in treating and diagnosis of cancer are:

· Racism is a very common social problem that can lead to a lot of discrepancies in the providing of basic human rights. Even in countries like the USA and many countries of Europe, racism is the main reason people are being neglected and not given primary health care. This is a very huge issue that is being settled day by day, but in some third world countries and disadvantaged communities, this is still a big problem.

· The governing bodies of such communities where there is no education and literacy rate are more interested in their monetary benefit than providing for the citizens.

· The absence of primary and tertiary health care is a huge issue in these communities. There are no decent hospitals or special hospitals which excel in cancer treatment. There is also no way by which people can get their hands on good treatment, and even if they do, it is financially out of reach for these people who earn just enough money to make ends meet. This is a burning issue for such underprivileged communities and countries.

If a country fails to provide proper employment opportunities and people are unable to make money to look after themselves medically, then diseases like cancer and AIDS are bound to spread across this community.

If people are not given good medical care, then this disease can take a major toll on the health of these people and when it’s too late, there will be nothing money or the right medical care can do. This is why it’s important to raise the concern about these communities where cancer is slowly eating them away.

First-world countries like the USA and the UK are trying very hard to cap this disease by bringing out extensive research and other helpful resources and information, but it looks like disadvantaged communities in developed countries and people of underdeveloped countries are fighting for their survival against this terrible disease.

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