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Increase Self Esteem with Exercise : “The Eight Minutes Rule” | by Mister Peculiar | Jan, 2022

Mister Peculiar

Imagine having an anxiety all the time either you are in home or outside in the public but you don’t know that what’s the reason behind it . The only thing you can tell is that in your mind there is a person in a dark room in a corner sitting in a crouched manner and shivering . This is what it feels like when you have a low self esteem when you are too scared to express yourself .

There were times when I could not face a person and standup for myself . I would get shouted and pushed in a corner by their words but I just could not face them and that’s what I hated the most . I was basically being bullied they did this because they saw me as a weakling and why wont they I was not mentally strong and that’s what my body language showed to others.

Failed To Workout

Now having low self esteem will lead to less mental and physical activeness and due to this you wont be able to complete tasks or even start it. Exercise is a great way to build up your confidence and also strength and stamina . I started to do one hour of workout but I was not regular . Lets say on Sunday I did one hour , Monday I did thirty minutes and Tuesday barely ten minutes . It was just hard to have a discipline of doing exercise everyday for one hour and that’s why I was back to feeling bad about myself and eating junk food .

But it has been nearly a month that I have seen a huge change physically and mentally. I can focus on tasks way better than I used to and now I can stand up for myself this is all due to the eight minutes rule that I made for a good progress.

Eight Minutes Rule

I started to loose weight after I had quit junk food but that was not enough because I wanted to be in a good shape . So, I started brainstorming about how can I build strength and stamina and never miss a day of workout due to any random reasons . That’s when the eight minutes idea came and I started doing this seven days a week .

In this eight minutes rule exercise you should always be focusing on the first two minutes. First complete the first two minutes and then the next.

STEP 1: Jumping Jacks

At first you should start with jumping jacks to pump your blood and warm up your body. You should be doing this for two whole minutes without stopping in the middle. This is to make sure that there is a good flow of blood through your whole body before doing any other intensive stuff.

Step 2 : Stretching For Flexibility

This should also be done for two whole minutes. The first one minute should be focused from your waist to your neck. Do hip rotation clockwise and anticlockwise for your neck do the same thing but also look upwards by stretching your back backwards.

Now for the lower body . To stretch your hamstring try touching your toes with your hand . Your legs should be spread wide and straight and your back too should be straight while looking down on the floor.

Don’t overdo it you might end up tearing your hamstring just do at the limit when you feel your body way more flexible.

Step 3 : Training

While training you should be doing one minute and thirty seconds and then take thirty seconds of break and again start to do one minute and thirty second.

I. Split jumps ( lunges by jumping)

You should do it twice with both of your legs.

II. Jump Squats

You should do jump squats four times. If your not familiar with jump squats then do it lightly but still there should be that explosiveness.

III. Pushup

After doing jump squats get to the ground and do pushups four times. If you cant touch your chest to the ground then its just do it with a proper form push yourself as much as you can and then repeat it.

To make it effective you should be targeting for 30 rounds of it and minimum is 10. Just do as much as you can you are trying to have a consistency. Your physical achievement from this training will help you gain muscles ,explosive strength and stamina . With this you will be able to standup for yourself and not get mocked.

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