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Inflamed No-More! Reducing inflammation one snack at a time 😊 | by Loretta_M | Feb, 2024

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This was not on my agenda, but it had to be said! Actually, this is for my friend Ryan Canady, who was interested in anti-inflammatory nutrition. So, wallah, just like Mr. Potter, I whipped this up for you buddy. I am sure that it is not just Ryan who struggles with this issue, I am sure that many of you struggle with inflammation whether you know it or not, but you probably know it.

I have put together a list of foods that are anti-inflammatory by natural design. They will help your body heal and improve. This will not be a cure-all food list and does not substitute for medical guidance at all. I am not a doctor, just a very knowledgeable nutrition junkie. Nutrition is necessary for helping your body to be at its best. The best part is your body can heal itself, you just need to nurture and care for it.

So, what do I have to do?

Glad you asked! First, you may need to get rid of processed foods, junk foods, soda, and anything that you know is not healthy. Nothing will change if you eat a healthy breakfast and then eat a Big Mac, fries, and a shake for lunch.

How does that motto go?

You are what you eat!

Truer words have never been spoken or written in this case. What goes in, is what is going to come out. Whether it is what you look at, listen to but especially what you eat.

Junk in, Junk out

So enough with my lecture on eating right, you guys got this! You are now ready to heal and give back to your body. First, however, I did want to give you a quick summary of what inflammation is.

Inflammation in and of itself is a good and beneficial body response. It is when the body responds to injury, infection, and harmful stimuli. The immune system springs into action when it senses something harmful in its midst; like Spiderman when his Spidey senses go off when danger is near. Blood vessels in the affected area widen and increase blood flow. This allows more nutrients and oxygen to flow into the affected area. Soon the white blood cells are recruited into this evil vs. good fight, and they help engulf the foreign cells. The damaged cells are regulated and repaired…

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