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Inside the Catering Industry, Processing and Preservation? | by Mikikeyy | Jan, 2022


The food industry is one of the largest types of industries in the world that concerns human survival. Food is one of the basic needs of human life. In the food industry, such as restaurants, cafes, catering, and others, the processes associated in this case are mainly the preservation and processing of foodstuffs. Food is generally easily damaged, damage can be caused by weather influences, insect attacks, and microbes, especially those that can produce deadly toxins. Processing and preservation are intended to maintain these foodstuffs and provide protection against food being consumed. Food preservation is a way used to make food have a long shelf life and retain the physical and chemical properties of food. The purpose of food preservation is not only to make the food can still be eaten after a long store, but must be able to maintain all qualities including texture, pumping, smell, taste, and nutritional value.

The provision of food services must provide food that meets food quality and safety requirements, as well as a good food processing process. The food consumed should meet the good criteria that the food is suitable to eat and safe for consumers. The provision of food by households, restaurants, hotels and the catering industry is usually much in the form of stored food that is then reheated when consuming these cooked food products. As in the catering industry, the provision of ready-to-eat cooked food has been done with the aim to meet people’s needs for food. The catering industry itself is one of the industries in the field of the food supply that is familiar to the community. Moreover, catering is used in various events such as weddings, meetings, events, farewells, and so on. The familiar catering industry makes many people plunge into the industry, with a variety of backgrounds. The quality and quality of food served is now increasingly diverse, this is certainly not separated from the storage, processing, and preservation of food ingredients themselves. So, we as a society, both from academics and non-academics are important to know and conduct surveys in the catering industry to find out and provide a general picture of the process of processing or preserving food in it.

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