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Achieving something is not a simple task. It takes everything you have got to reach your goal. Persistence, hard work, smart move, and sacrifices are the things that get you there. But if you lose your psychological and physical health, then what is the point of achieving everything? Even if you get everything you want, without mental strength you can never fully savour your victory.

Overworking has grown into a trend nowadays. Being a workaholic has turned into a pride among youngsters in the corporate world. They don’t even spend time with their family, let alone on their selves. They are constantly working under pressure to meet deadlines and their mental health becomes questionable in the due time. They must spare enough time to look after themselves. Self-care and self-improvement come hand in hand and both are important to lead a psychologically sound life. Pay attention to your inner self and allocate some time to make yourself happy. Always remember that all this hard work would become invaluable if you are not in a healthy state to reap its benefits in the end.

It is high time that parents start stressing mental health over achievement among children. They should ensure that their children are of sound mind rather than pressuring them to get good grades. Schools should conduct workshops and mental health classes to increase mental health awareness among students and parents. Schools should also organize camps with therapists and counsellors to help children suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. This battle against mental pressure starts right at one’s home. Children always look up to their parents, so it’s the responsibility of every parent to teach their children the importance of mental health and the effect it has on their life.

External disturbance could affect mental well-being, but sometimes internal conflicts also serve as the reason for poor mental conditions. So, always remember to be kind to yourself and love yourself. Learn to prioritize yourself and your mental condition over everything.

This article is written by Akshaya Vardhini Ravi, a member of Team SchooPed.

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