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Is Mental Health a Taboo?. When we generally talk about mental… | by Yashika Dhingra | Sep, 2021

Yashika Dhingra

When we generally talk about mental health then a striking question crosses through everyone’s mind. Is it okay to talk about it? Will anyone judge me? Or is it fine if I discuss what I am going through? These are some of the questions that must have haunted to at least once in a lifetime. So, let me burst your bubble of misconception and tell you that you should openly talk about it and get solutions for it.

If you just keep on juggling with the thoughts what to do and how to say and moreover what others will think of me then you can’t get a solution for your problems. Whether you are suffering from some stress, depression, anxiety, or any other problem then it’s the best way to reach out to someone who can listen to you. When you start telling someone what’s happening with you and what you are undergoing then you do not only get the courage to come out of the problem but you even get the ways to tackle the situation.

But, you must be wondering with whom you can talk about this? What if you share your problem with someone and they disclose it to the entire world? These are the haunting thoughts that pull you one step backward from sharing your problem with anyone. But, it is not the solution that you remain confined to your shell and don’t speak to anyone. Find someone reliable with whom you can share your things without the fear of being judged.

You can talk to your parents, friends, siblings, spouse, counselor, and anyone you trust. But, it’s important that you should pour your heart out and talk about it. It’s okay not to be normal at times and there is no harm in doing so. Being in human nature, everyone feels devastated in one way or the other. So, don’t make mental health a taboo and talk openly about it because if we want things to change around us then we need to change them in the first place.

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