Is natural skincare backed by clinical trials? | by Susanne Mitschke | Sep, 2021

Susanne Mitschke

As the summer months wear on with hotter and hotter days, many people are reaching for simpler and lighter skincare products. There has also been a greater push in recent years towards natural, organic solutions and plant-based alternatives to traditional products. Today, we’ll see if these approaches to skincare are backed by clinical trials.

Natural skincare accounted for over a quarter of the skincare industry’s multi-million dollar sales in recent years. With the demand so high and still rising, there’s a lot of confusion about what actually constitutes natural skincare and whether or not it’s any better for your skin.

In particular, experts recommend finding products containing well-researched natural ingredients such as aloe, honey, and rice extract. For example, aloe has been widely studied and is evidenced to have the ability to increase the amount of collagen in wounds, and even change the properties of the collagen present. These kinds of well-documented healing ingredients are where natural skincare benefits can be found.

Dr. Gunt also believes that the idea of “hero ingredients” is misleading and that natural skincare is most effective when used as a combination of powerful, intentionally chosen ingredients that each serve a specific purpose. The expert consensus is that it’s best to look for a blend of natural, responsibly sourced ingredients to derive the maximum possible benefits from your skincare.

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