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Swimming is known as a type of sport in which the body is propelled into the water with combined arm and leg movements and natural floatation, and this sport is very popular, and it is especially useful in natural remedies and exercises for physically disabled people, and it is also taught for life-saving purposes.

Is Swimming Good For Weight Loss?

Swimming is one of the effective sports in losing weight, as it does not cause damage to bones or joints, and it is recommended to be practiced by obese people who suffer from joint pain; Because it does not cause any significant pressure on the joints, unlike other sports that may increase the risk of arthritis, knowing that swimming exercises are very difficult, according to the way in which the special exercises are organized.

Benefits Of Swimming For Weight Loss

Swimming helps in burning calories, and a person weighing 72 kg burns 423 calories within an hour of swimming at a medium or reduced pace, or 715 calories within an hour of swimming with a strong pace, and the number of calories that an individual burns during swimming varies according to his weight. Where a person weighing 90 kg burns between 528–892 calories per hour, and a person who weighs 110 kg burns between 632–1068 calories.

How To Encourage Yourself To Swim

A person encourages himself to swim by following the following tips:

  • Allocate a certain time of the week to go to the pool, write it down in the daily schedule until it becomes weekly, or subscribe annually to the pool to save money and be encouraged to go there.

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