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Is yelling really work for children… | by Zainab Rana | Nov, 2021

Zainab Rana

Every parent loves their children and do everything for their well-being, but sometimes parents get frustrated by bad behavior of children and start yelling and shouting at them which for that moment may seems like a good antidote but in long term it has dangerous outcomes. It is not solution of the problem.

Yelling at children is considered normal to discipline or behave them. But it is devastative, sometimes it is accompanied by shame and blame which have serious effects on children in their future life.

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Yelling at children cause a lot of temporary effects such as:

Aggressive in behavior

Withdrawal from parents

Stubbornness/ more irritating

Mood swings

Low self-esteem and negative grades in school

Children are innocent creatures if they face harsh attitude of parents, they didn’t complain but they show changes in their behavior in reaction. Research was performed on ten years old children and noticed that their self-esteem and marks in school subjects decreases if they face verbal aggression.

Children’s behaviors get worse/not improved by yelling

Children are sensitive in nature and not mature enough to understand the yelling of parents, they stop for that instant, but their behavior get worse over time, now they are habitual of loud voice, and it is normal to shout over someone. This thing inserts in their minds, and they become more violent in their actions. Soft tone does not affect them, in fact they become resistant to shouting as well.

Brain development react differently to verbal abuse from parents in early age

children’s brains are not developed fully, verbal abuse effects their brain development. The part of brain which process languages is affected highly due to early stress caused by yelling.

It can cause depression and anxiety in children

When parents use the method of yelling to behave them, it scares the children and they feel insecure and stressed, continuous stress cause depression and anxiety and other signs can also be seen as the children grow like suicidal thoughts, drugs use, etc.

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Physical health can be deprived due to stress in children and can cause chronic diseases

Verbal aggression on children put them in stress, due to which immunity is compromised and children can get different illnesses.

Social problems

Humans live in groups and societies, if a person lacks in interpersonal skills, then he/she will be unable to perform community tasks and can be a failure as team member. A child who faces verbal abuse suffer from social problems, it is difficult for him to connect to the community and lack of communication can make him isolated.

Emotional problems

Children can also suffer from high mood swings and emotional problems.

Walk away

When children frustrate you, walk away from the scene, take your time, and calm down. Then react with all your senses.

Recognize the triggers

We have to stay calm, recognize the triggers and address the bad behavior.

You need to communicate the problems. Can’t be solved by yelling

By shouting at children, we can’t communicate the problems with them, and they will never understand what’s the issue and why we are frustrating. We must do some deep conversations with them and show our trust and love to them.

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