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It is a red flag from reading the IPCC climate change report 2021 and what three small actions everyone can take daily. | by Anna Shih | Sep, 2021

Everyone shouldn’t judge whether people should do good or not. For example, I probably can’t be a vegetarian or never shop for clothes( mainly working in the fashion industry.) So I am thinking about how I can do to make a bit of difference in the environment? I will talk about some ways that I have been trying out these days to make the world better little by little.

It sounds not a good suggestion, and especially I am working for an industry that encourages people to shop impulsively. However, I realise that fashion should not be equal to consuming stuff you wear once or never wear. When I did my spring cleaning, I found that I have similar things I wore once or never. Something I bought because I wanted it rather than I needed it. I am not talking about how much chemical pollution or energy consumption for cloth during production, but imagine how much carbon dioxide will pollute the air after burning these unwanted clothes. Nowadays, I always ask myself every time before I do any consumption. For example, do I really need it? How many times will I wear it? If I don’t want it anymore, where will it end up? If there is something I can’t answer clearly, I won’t make that purchase.

I am living in a country where it is super convenient to eat out. I am proud of this delicious and cheap street food but still worried about the rubbish we create with every purchase. Every time I throw away plastic or paper takeaway boxes, I feel bad and guilty. So I try my best to bring my water bottle, container, or shopping bags. However, please think carefully about when and how to use this “environmental-friendly stuff”. It is to create more waste if not using them.

Well, sometimes I can’t bring my stuff at all (because of a small bag or just forget). It is okay. But at least remember to recycle. We were taught to sort rubbish when I was a kid, even for a little plastic straw. So I feel uncomfortable if anyone throws them without any concern. I always wash those plastic boxes (because it will help people recycle and reuse them) and sort them by tins, plastic, papers, or recycled catalogues. It is the simplest way to make a difference for the environment, and everyone can make it just in a snap.

Honestly, I really admire people who can practice a zero-waste lifestyle. It is hard to implement the methods even though I thought they were already simple. However, no matter how small the action is, you can impact the environment little by little. Anyway, everyone can take different actions that suit themselves the best, whether they are vegetarian, buy second-hand goods, or something else.

When we all become more conscious, take action step by step, we can make a difference.

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