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It is sometime in November, over two months since my final exams and more than a month since I saw… | by Sabella Daniels | Nov, 2021

Since I know this, it would not be unusual for you to ask me, what I have been up to? But as I said earlier, nothing really… I started the break by hanging out with a few friends I had not been I contact with for a while (I’ve been to the cinemas an unhealthy number of times, and can someone please save me from debit alerts), I followed up with writing an article on forest fires (I’m an environmentally conscious human), watching kdramas, keeping up with football, learning Spanish via Duolingo, beating myself up for doing nothing (especially relating to self development) and being broke, realizing my shortcomings with my crashed business, toying with ideas on a new business and how to revive the dead one, dealing with imposter syndrome, looking into investment opportunities, settling scores with God (more like warming up to him actually, since I was the one on the run), steering clear of anything involving me and romance, preparing for law school on a low budget, trying to keep up with family and friends and ultimately, being a good person.

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