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Jam-ming your way to health !. What is a Jam or a spread ? Is this a… | by Santosh Mishra | Aug, 2021

What is a Jam or a spread ? Is this a question at all ? Yes it it .

Simply put — Fruit extracts with a twist on the bread or a toast . If it is chemical free , then it becomes all the more better . But , a bottle of home made jam or preserve will always be superior from the one which is got from the market. Why ? For so many obvious reasons .

  • the taste would be tailored to suit your taste buds . If there is any twist or mystery ingredient you want to try , is up to you .
  • you know what all has gone into making the jam / preserve
  • you procure the best ingredients , knowing that you or your loved ones are the one who would be having this
  • no unwanted chemicals / preservatives go into it

and many more .. Isn’t it ?

Jams, preserves and spreads are so much typical to a household . The idea of any jam or a preserve is to have a fruit nectar on the toasted bread with a interesting twist in the taste . not the boring sugary and sweet taste which is often not too healthy.

Dhampur Green has launched a range of spicy low sugar jams and spreads which are near home made and quaintly spiced to suite the taste buds of one and all . These spices make the food so much so that taste freaks would definitely accept it as a new normal

Using traditional English recipes , using real Himalayan fruit and vegetables to make a spread, retaining all the nutrients, texture and inherent aromas, the idea is to bring you healthy conserves for your breakfast or anytime snack. No pulp is used , just real fruit and vegetables so there will be chunks of fruit and vegetables guaranteed in your spoonful. Lets take a close look at the variants and flavours that have been offered to the customers .

  • Sweet-Pepper Spread from Himalayas — By far the most interesting product offering with a wide variety of ingredients — Red & Yellow Capsicum, Apple Cider Vinegar, Red Chili, Ginger, Garlic, Tomato, Sugar, Clove . Each of these ingredients are known to have the best vitamins and nutrients and are extremely beneficial for good health . And not to miss the taste angle
  • Strawberry Spicy-Spread from Himalayas — Strawberry is packed with vitamins, fiber, and particularly high levels of antioxidants
  • Plum Spicy-Spread from Himalayas — This mild cinnamon spiced jam is a beautiful way to preserve the taste of the autumn fruit and add taste to the buttered toast or tea cakes or any time snack .
  • Kiwi Spicy-Spread From Himalayas — This wonder fruit jam has always been loved and is a rare . With a spicy treat it is sure to give joy to the taste hunters .
  • Apricot Spicy-Spread from Himalayas — High in antioxidants, apricots are known to boost eye , skin and gut health. It is high on potassium and is very hydrating
  • Spiced Apple Spread from Himalayas — This all time favorite fruit flavor in jams entices everyone from all age groups .

You would agree that the above offerings are not common . They are healthy and are closest to the natural preparation . One such example is that in these products , citric acid is avoided and apple cider is used as the compensating agent . Not too miss these are passionately curated products which your breakfast table is waiting .

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