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Pranay Jivrajka

Allo Health

Healthcare has undoubtedly evolved over the recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that telemedicine is not only a demand but also a necessity in India. It enables access to quality healthcare across the country from the comfort of your own home.

Over the last decade, technology has helped evolve major industries however, within healthcare, there seems to be an opacity. While there are abundant medications and choices of doctors to choose from — it stops there. Building a technology-based medical infrastructure for India is the next step.

With that being said, we’re diving headfirst into building a patient-centric healthcare infrastructure with an aspiration to make healthcare transparent, accessible, and affordable. We aim to solve one disorder at a time, starting with men’s sexual well-being.

Sexual well-being has a lot of heightened social stigma and hypersensitivity associated with it. These combined with limited focus on sexual education in formative years, low accessibility to qualified doctors, lack of awareness, and a patriarchal mindset leads to many individuals suffering in silence.

Approximately 200 million people in India are affected by at least one type of sexual dysfunction; this jarring number does not correlate with the number of individuals seeking effective treatment. In search of a discreet solution, people depend on frequently promoted unreliable, and unqualified players resulting in more bad than good.

We are building Allo Health to empower men, their partners, and families with high-quality, precision healthcare.

Our patient-first approach allows for affordable, discreet, and responsible patient-doctor interactions, making Allo a one-stop-shop for end-to-end treatment. Through this, we also aim to fight the stigma attached to sexual health in our country.

This is a new milestone in my journey, with hopefully many more to come. Visit: to know more.

Pranay Jivrajka
Founder, Allo Health

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