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Laos’ Tad Yeuang waterfall receives Asean tourism award

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/Asia News Network):The well-known Tad Yeuang waterfall in Pakxong district, Champassak province, has been recognised with an Asean sustainable tourism award, which will be presented to provincial officials at a ceremony to be held in Cambodia.

The award was given in acknowledgement of successful tourism development around the waterfall, in ways that are sustainable.

Tad Yeuang waterfall is popular with visitors because of the stunning scenery that surrounds it, while the everyday life of local residents can also be observed.

Champassak officials have improved visitor facilities and services at the waterfall in anticipation of more visitors during Lao Thiao Laos (Lao Visit Laos) tourism campaign.

In addition, all staff working at the site have been fully vaccinated against Covid and measures are in place to prevent the spread of the virus among both staff and visitors.

Provincial authorities have encouraged people living near the waterfall to grow organic vegetables for sale to visitors and are promoting aspects of local culture in the hope of generating more income for local residents.

Other visitor attractions in Champassak province have also been improved and renovated and standards at hotels and guesthouses have been checked to ensure that everything is ready for the return of visitors to the area.

Particular attention has been paid to Covid control measures to ensure that everyone is safe, according to the provincial information, culture and tourism department.

Champassak is well endowed with places of interest, both nature-based and historical, and no one should miss a visit to this scenic region during their stay in Laos.

The province has 216 officially-designated tourist sites, including 116 natural, 60 cultural and 40 historical places of interest, but only 20 have any visitor facilities.

Among the natural wonders are Khonphapheng, Tad Fan, Somphamit Waterfall Park and Tad Yeuang waterfalls, with activities ranging from trekking and ziplining to rest and recuperation in the lap of nature. Visitors can also enjoy produce from the Bolaven Plateau, including its famed coffee.

The province has been named by the government as a green travel zone, meaning that tourists may visit the area now that Laos has reopened its doors to visitors after travel restrictions have been lifted.

Places designated as green travel zones must have a population that is 70-80 per cent vaccinated against Covid, while 95 per cent of service providers must also be vaccinated.

For travel in green zones, tourists must book hotels that have been approved by LaoSafe as well as show a vaccination certificate.

It is hoped that the Lao Thiao Laos tourism campaign will attract at least 1.9 million Lao visitors and more than 1 million foreign visitors this year.

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