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Nursing is the form of science and art, using medically and clinically approved practices and procedures but with heart. Nursing is tending to the minds, bodies, and spiritual essence of your patients. According to the book, the Nursing and Nurse practice is never having enough time to complete tasks and figuring which time savers are not dangerous shortcuts. It has great observational and supporting skills to note what you see, hear, smell, and sense about a person.

Nursing is nurturing. Nursing is the adrenaline pumping as you race against the time. Nursing has the conscience — reporting a symptom that you’re tempted to skip because it will mean new orders, more medicines, more procedures, more paperwork, etc. Nursing and job role fatigue hits you after you leave your job.

Nursing is the extra mile to return a call to a patient’s health and family or listen to a patient’s health concerns. Nursing is worrying about documenting legalities well in case you are called into court. Nursing is following facing the state, rules, federal, or other inspections, and reaching doctors in the middle of the night. Nursing is excellent wages and most of the benefits but must be done for the love of the work and the patients’ benefit.

Nursing is a kind of noble occupation, but most of all, nursing is a passion for people -to alleviate suffering in any small way possible; to teach a coping skill; to listen with empathy; to care. In nursing, you learn two important lessons (taught to me by a prized professor): #1 — no matter how a person is acting, they are doing the best they can at that moment. #2 — People, even those with severe disabilities, are more like us than different.
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The patient’s safety and their medical records are important to maintain the quality of care that the patient receives. Accuracy of medical records is important because it determines the treatment that matches the patient. On the other hand, it is the patients’ responsibility to keep their records available even if they plan to switch to a physician in a different hospital. This is possible with electronic health record apps, enabling patients to remotely access and share their records.

What can be done to ensure accurate patient information, then? Well, the most basic thing is to ensure that the patient is correctly identified. Proper patient identification, in other words, is a must. Proper patient identification means that the proper information is being retrieved by the caregivers, based on which healthcare services can be providers to the patients.

Right Patient helps ensure that the proper patients are identified every time they contact their healthcare providers.

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The Midwives are providers of women’s health and Health Nursing, including preconception care, birth control, pregnancy and delivery, postpartum care, newborn care (up to 30 days after birth), cancer screening, peri and post-menopausal care, and primary care. The scope of Midwifery practice depends on the various type of training and licensing provisions in various states, provinces, and countries. Women’s Health Nursing and Midwives can be women or men; however, most midwives are female. Midwives can be trained “on the job” or in universities. Most US locations require midwives to be nurses first and obtain Master’s level training in midwifery.

The Women Health Nursing and Midwifery is the subject of a woman’s assistance during her childbirth process in an OBS & GYN specialist’s presence. A woman nurse and men nurse can be a midwife as the subject is included in the curriculum. A midwife can be a man also.
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Nursing Practice and Research tends to take on the opportunity to exercise better judgment in clinical care situations. Many also get to do independent practice within the nursing scope that may have been limited when you were at the beginner’s stage. Patricia Benner aptly describes this perspective in her theory of “From Novice to Expert.” She says that a nurse goes through a ladder of professional success as her knowledge and skills in her specialty area increases. You will be at the expert level or expected to exercise some level of expertise when you become a Doctor of Nursing Practice. But also, you would have gained years of experience due to the years of pieces of training that you have gone through. That could potentially spell a difference but in no way should be looked upon as a form of competition because the professions are unique from each other but meet at the point of care to collaborate.

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Nursing informatics is part of the healthcare informatics specialty. It differs from clinical informatics or healthcare informatics because it specifically requires the person to have nursing experience.

What does it encompass? The ability to analyze, implement, test, train, troubleshoot, and support applications used in the health care field, mainly with a nursing emphasis.

Anyone can typically get a nursing informatics degree after obtaining a bachelor’s in nursing since most informatics programs are master’s degrees. There are tons of job descriptions out there. For example, you can be a trainer, an informatics coordinator, an informatics specialist, an informatics consultant, an informatics project manager, and tons of other titles. The main thing to remember is that all these titles revolve around implementing a software program in a hospital or health care setting.

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