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Levelling up | Lessons learnt from the ultra-successful | by Pratik Naker | Oct, 2021

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The difference between a successful and a not-so-successful man is that the successful man took charge of his life early on ; the not-so-successful man chilled back and let others make decisions for him.

I recall a conversation I once had with a highly accomplished person not so long ago. Having launched numerous successful brands throughout his career and having tasted success very few of us even dream of, I was puzzled when he told me, “being industrious is the only way I know how to live. I have no distinction between my personal and professional life. I enjoy my work and I intend to keep slogging until my very last day. If I retire today, I won’t have any goals or aspirations to chase and for a man without purpose it’s always downhill.”

I’ve always been a keen observer of people and their habits. Highly accomplished, self-made individuals are driven — their passion towards their work can be infectious for a few, while obnoxious for others. Those who find their passion and zeal praiseworthy are those who ultimately reach great heights in their own right — some sooner than others.

These are a few ways I feel you can fast track your way to success based on my conversation with the ultra-successful:

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