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LIFE FROM MY VIEW. Life really is no bed of roses, and… | by Pink Hibiscus | Nov, 2021


Life really is no bed of roses, and truly, sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we do not understand the reason why somethings happened or turned out the way they did.

Sometimes we find ourselves doing the things we normally wouldn’t, and even though it feels right, we know deep down its wrong.

Amidst trying to soothe family, friends and be religiously perfect, we neglect the things that actually matters, instead we pick what’s best for them, rather than us.

The time we spend worrying about people or decisions that are not supposed to make it into the next minute, define us at times, then we find ourselves tailing the shadows of what we’ve convinced ourselves to be okay. We let them make decisions for us, on the basis of their own order of what a normal or responsible life should look like.

A lot of things stay with us, things like wrong decisions, like the mistakes that could have been avoided, like the scar-like imprints, like the things we wished we could have done better… we breathe them, we feed on them and they leech on us…we are constantly reminded of them, we try to bury them, we try to reminisce the good times, we try to bury ourselves in our work, put on a happy face, do whatever works, as long as it works. I have been a victim of these circumstances myself…

The problem is we rise to repeat these same errors, thinking we now know what we could have done better, or choosing to hold on to fantasies we have painted in our heads; the “happily ever after” version.

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