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Life of an ALS Advocate. Join Our Team | by McFinn Lovere | Aug, 2021

Join Our Team

10 Minutes a Week to Help with Early Diagnosis of ALS!

The Everything ALS speech study is a Voice Project that will help us discover digital biomarkers using Artificial Intelligence to collect voice and facial metrics/data.
Biomarkers are characteristics of the body that can be measured (blood pressure, imaging, x-ray etc) and used to identify the progress of a disease. There is a need for a biomarker that can help diagnose ALS early on and help with understanding the course of this disease.
Our study will help change the way clinical trials are conducted in ALS. By discovering biomarkers for early detection of ALS and to use them as endpoints in clinical trials we can better understand the course of ALS and get patients on proper treatments early on. This will shorten the clinical trial length and lead to quicker drug discovery and thus get drugs to market and in bodies sooner.
Please consider signing up:

EverythingALS is a patient focused non-profit organization. Our mission is to support efforts to care for ALS patients and work to find a cure by creating a platform for direct engagement with patients, caregivers, advocates, and researchers. Together we can help in the fight for Care and Cure for ALS!

We need you gentlemen who do not have ALS to join the Voice project as controls. Your contribution is vital for the success of the project.

Become an Ambassador for the Voice project, contact for details about how you can join our Team.

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