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Lightning and Its Formation. Hello there! Today, let’s take a closer… | by noderra | Jan, 2024

Hello there! Today, let’s take a closer look at the magnificent wonders of the atmosphere and explore how lightning comes to life. Lightning is an electrifying natural phenomenon that occurs either between clouds in the sky or between clouds and the ground. Let’s delve into the details of this awe-inspiring event with a more friendly tone!

  1. Electric Charging: The beginning of lightning involves electric charging that occurs between clouds in the atmosphere or between clouds and the Earth’s surface. These charges are often associated with the accumulation of dense water vapor and the formation of ice crystals.
  2. Formation of Electric Field: Water droplets and ice crystals within the cloud collide, sticking together while transferring electric charges. As a result of these collisions, an electric field forms both within the cloud and between the cloud and the Earth’s surface.
  3. Electric Discharge: As the intensity of the electric field increases, it causes ionization of air molecules in the atmosphere. Ionized air becomes a conductor capable of carrying electric current. At this stage, a significant electric discharge occurs between the Earth and the cloud.
  4. Formation of Lightning Channel: The high energy generated by the discharge forms a lightning channel. This channel passes through ionized air molecules in the atmosphere, expanding often faster than the speed of light.
  5. Visible Lightning Discharge: The final stage of lightning is the visible manifestation of the electric discharge in the lightning channel. This is the spectacular moment when the gases in the atmosphere are intensely illuminated, creating the phenomenon we call lightning.

While lightning typically occurs between clouds, it can sometimes strike the Earth’s surface directly. In such cases, it often travels through high points, trees, or buildings before grounding. Remember that areas struck by lightning can often catch fire or suffer damage. Lightning can also be harnessed for electrical energy, but due to its nature as a natural event, it should be studied with caution. So, let’s embark on this exploration of the marvels of nature together!

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