Look What Aiden Found Today — Episode #53 | by Aiden (Illumination Gaming) | ILLUMINATION-Curated | Jan, 2024

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I am very happy to complete 52 collections. Thanks, everyone, for the support that keeps me trucking on this fabulous journey. Today, I was busy as it is a public holiday in Australia. Yesterday I helped with onboarding around 100 new writers which I introduced at the end of this post so only found around 50 great pieces and listed them. Please consider sharing that list on your socials, so we bring more readers to Medium. Every share can increase our collective chance. Please don’t underestimate the power of your shares.

Finally, I had a chance to write a personal story. If you are into cars, you may enjoy this story as I covered very interesting aspects of car shows. I have been attending them for a long time as a hobby and part of my job. Your comments and sharing will be much appreciated as I share every story I read because I am FoM to support other writers.

Tomorrow, I plan to share boosted stories, as we had many this month.

As I grappled with the hedonistic treadmill pursuing money and fame, which eventually led to burnout, Dr. Yildiz’s new story deeply resonated with me. It offers valuable insights that can shift perspectives on material possessions and money, perhaps even making it easier to integrate money effortlessly into our lives.

The cloning machine struck again, attempting to cast its shady duplicates in my blockbuster movie. But let me make it clear — even if they get down on their knees and beg, these scammers won’t be snagging…

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