Making America Smart Again. “Do it right the first time” | by Jamesever | Sep, 2021


“Do it right the first time”

✍🏾 “Even a child is known by the work, whether it’s pure and right.” Doing the work is one thing. Doing good work right is—how shall I put it? Just hard.

“But it’s so hard!” 🤷🏽‍♂️

After the Steelers lost yesterday, I heard the quarterback say that he worked hard, harder than ever before. Just for those who know the inside story: in Pittsburgh, every Wednesday is called Ben’s Day. He gets that day off, regardless.

The challenge over the centuries remains the same as ever—discerning what constitutes ‘good’ and ‘right’. Most people work hard every day, and quite often you’ll find most of them do their work to meet the workplace standard. And that suits them just fine. It’s a bag of groceries for that hour of labor—a pound of bacon, a dozen eggs 🥚 and even pancakes for the griddle, with butter on the side.

“Remember the maple syrup!”

He remembered, too, when he got home and put the bags on the table, and they both looked at each other, knowing he forgot.

“Do it right the first time!”

Those were our father’s words still reverberating through the ages as another man walked back out the door to make things right again.

“Do it right the first time.”

I used to snarl my insides when he looked at my work and found it fit for starting over. There went those minutes of playing with a friend each time I stayed until I got it right.

By the time the Army found me, I had taken to sleeping on top of a perfectly made bunk bed in my socks and shorts just to dream a little longer—efficiency for rest.

I did it right to a perfect score by the end of that summer in San Antonio and got a pass to go where I pleased. I chose Belgium for me.

I kept doing the work well because good things come when you “do it right the first time.”

Yesterday, the camera zoomed in on one fan in the stands in the midst of the cheering section for the maskless and free. I sense some of us are going to be right—it’s either them or me.

And there’s $100,000 on that going well. $100 a day for every sick day saved makes plenty of pennies for me. Meanwhile, they’re filling up the ICU beds and raising the deductibles, everywhere. 😷💰😊

I hope you have a few good choices in you today.

Be safe and help . . .

Make America Smart Again! 😷😊💯

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