Mama Used To Say. Mama used to say | by Valorie Lasley | Medpage | Oct, 2021

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Mama used to say

I’d never amount to much

I’d end up a little whore

Or something of the such.

She’d look at me and say

You are rotten to the core

And there is only thing

A man could want you for.

You think you know it all

But you haven’t a lick of sense

You read without understanding

’Cause your brain is just too dense.

Don’t you even think

When a boy smiles in your face

That he thinks highly of you

’Cause child that’s not the case.

Forget all those mighty dreams

You’ve got planted in your head

’Cause dreams will get you nothing

But lots of tears to shed.

But little did she know

That I’d one day meet the Lord

And live in great abundance

As I live on His accord.

I no longer believe her lies

Nor wallow in her muck

I serve a risen Savior

And His love removed that junk.

Thank you for reading.

Valorie Lasley

Change your mind, change your world

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