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Man…… Are you making these food mistakes 😲 | by nanda kumar | Sep, 2021

nanda kumar

Hello guys, I’m gonna quickly warn you against it top three foods with high estrogen levels that most guys out there still eat without realising it now.

These are the type of foods that you need to try and avoid because when your estrogen levels are too high it can create a lot of problems like destroying your hormone balance and also you may start to experience a lot of feminine characteristics and you don’t want that.

But sugar also raises estrogen levels and lower progesterone.

You need to stop eating foods with too much sugar in them stop adding them in things like coffee and tea and cereals because you’re destroying your own body

There’s a huge difference between genetically modified Soy you know processed soy and fermented soybeans.

In Japan they eat a lot of soy which is called natto and that’s fine that’s different but stay away from any bad processed soy like soy milk or even soy protein powder that’s genetically modified now these are called xenoestrogens and will increase your estrogen in your body or act like estrogen and it can cause impotence and other health problems so stay away from it all right now.

The plastic bottle you leave in your car carrying water is a poison especially when it gets hot.

The chemicals leach into the water and get into your system and then suddenly you start to experiencing hormonal problems and you don’t know why.

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