March 10 is national women’s and girls’ HIV and AIDS Awareness Day

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — March 10th is national women and girls HIV and aids awareness day.

Women are just as likely to contract AIDS and HIV as men according to the Southern Tier Aids Program.

Stereotypically it is thought that these diseases affect men more, but women are just as likely to be affected by them. The program says this stigma has presented a lack of research literacy for women who get tested.

The program wants to bring more awareness to this side of women’s health.

“Women are more susceptible to getting HIV because they are stereotypically on the receiving end of what leads to getting HIV which is usually a sexual encounter,” Prep Program manager Nuci Pedraza said.

Southern Tier Aids Program says that women should get tested every three to six months and Prep is a medication used to prevent HIV that women should know about.

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