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Medical Assistance Urgently Needed for Skin Disease Outbreak in Shandaw IDP Camp

Displaced people who have fled from the war in Shandaw Township last January due to the fighting still suffer from skin disease, and medical aid is needed urgently.

Among IDPs fleeing to refuge in the forest, skin disease has  afflicted individuals of all ages, from young children to the elderly. An IDP humanitarian worker stated that IDPs are suffering from severe rashes and sores between their fingers and toes, on their abdomens, and spreading uncontrollably over their bodies.

He continued to tell our reporter that “Skin disease is affecting everyone, from minor infections to severe ones. Sensations of skin disease have been felt between the limbs, in the stomach, and between the thighs. Scratching also leads to sores. Maybe it’s because of poor personal hygiene”.

Since fighting broke out, some have been suffering from illness, and many have developed health problems after fleeing into the jungle. Over two months after they fled, the illnesses have reportedly worsened, with some requiring emergency medical attention.

It has been informed that due to water shortages while fleeing the war, they lack proper personal hygiene and, through living in the jungle, are exposed to insects, dry leaves, and bamboo splinters, which make them unable to fully recover from the skin disease.

A relief worker assisting the IDPs continues to express that currently, due to inadequate support of medical aid to cure the skin-affecting disease, medical assistance is urgently needed. Besides the skin diseases, there are also diarrhoea patients in the camp, and they need healthcare.

“Healthcare is needed for everyone. Contracting skin diseases is contagious. And then, due to seasonal changes, coughs are also prevalent. Diarrhoea is also prevalent due to insufficient water supplies. Since they don’t have enough clean water for cooking and drinking, they cannot prevent the spread of these diseases,” he emphasized.

It is reported that over 1000 people are currently seeking refuge in the Shandaw IDP camp, including residents from neighboring villages. While Karenni resistance forces have seized control over Junta troops’ bases in Shandaw Township, IDPs remain unable to return home.

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