Medical PTSD – Drew Pavlovich

A poem….

Why is it always the evil ones that I need?
The doctors I rely on – to give me relief
They don’t seem like real people to me..
For a field that is so special, one would think:
It should be easy…
To navigate these tunnels,
And find what I need.
It’s ironic – that so many are so mean.



They think I’m “Unique”…

They don’t truly see me.
Sometimes I think all they see Is a messy girl with a long med list…

I wish I didn’t need them…
I wish I could take this in to my own hands…
It would be nice;
To imagine a different world exists…

One where my pleas are heard,
And I don’t need to beg for help-
At the feet of a system That has broken me…

-D. Pav

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