Medicine and Psychology. Psychology became a much used word, in… | by Ashraf Naushahi | Jan, 2022

Ashraf Naushahi

Psychology became a much used word, in the 20th century, as a new branch of science. Then the number of its branches increased rapidly. It seemed as a yardstick had been found by the psychologists to analyze or interpret everything in different literature, languages, cultures, civilizations, histories and almost all kinds of other things. No wonder, such things caused the confusion. However, it all began by misunderstanding psychology. Actually, psychology is related to modern medicine as a branch.

The twentieth century world experienced some strange phenomena never experienced before. Naturally, effects of such strange happenings were strange too, which caused strange deviations in the human behavior and thought.

Psychology became a new branch of medicine for understanding and treating such deviations from the normal behavior and thought. Thus psychology can be applied appropriately only where some deviations from normal for a person happen, and there is no reason to apply psychological measures in all those things which are normal for human beings. It is a wastage of psychology to use it where there is no deviation from the normal for a person.

It is meaningless to have a psychological analysis for everything whether it be some sort of literature, language, culture or civilization.

Medicine and psychology are interrelated. It is the proper utility of a medicine that has its own psychological effects. Prescribing a medicine is both an art and science. Medicine-prescribing doctors need to have sufficient knowledge of psychology and pharmacology before practicing in clinics. As each and every patient coming into a clinic, is a human being in need of some medical prescription or care, the doctors’ attitude should be such that it could reduce the suffering of the patient. To do that doctors need to make use of both medicine and psychology.

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